Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pump it Up and the Park!

Evie slept late this morning and we had fun playing at home this morning. She is still obsessed with her belly button so her sweet little belly button entertained her for a good bit this morning. Then, she wore her pj's like a cape and tucked her Kindermusik scarf into her diaper. She's hysterical and so creative.Evie and I went to Pump it Up this morning with some friends. Evie was not too sure about Pump it Up. She clinged to me for the first twenty minutes and was VERY nervous. That was a pleasant surprise for me and it was so nice not to have to chase her through the place. I noticed her carefully observing the other kids and then she jumped right in. She LOVED the huge slide. It was a workout getting us both up the inflatable stairs and it was a very fast slide.  We had a great time and cannot wait to go back. If you are in the Nashville area, you should try it out, it's free for two and under from 10-12 each day.

   I was expecting Evie to be worn out from her morning of play but she only slept for two hours. We headed to the park to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Evie made friends with a little girl named Miller. They played on the slide and we pushed them on the swing for the longest time. Evie kept crossing the bridge over the brook. She loved that! Evie is doing much better with her hitting. I have tried practicing gentle touches with her and her doll. Now, when she hits, I tell her gentle and she rubs me softly. We will see how this transitions with her peers but she has not hit anyone all day. Although, a little boy did hit her this morning. He was trying to get her attention!

    Evie and I made a fort this afternoon in the dining room but she kept hitting her head. OOPS, guess she does not realize that she cannot stand up under the table. She's way too tall for that. We read lots of stories and played with her puzzles. I had to really work at keeping her entertained because her day had caught up with her at this point. She's on her way to dreamland wearing her "Hippie" pajamas courtesy of Aunt Lindsay! Doesn't she look precious? These are the same ones that were tied around her shoulder earlier today. Funny Girl!

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