Saturday, April 3, 2010

Going, Going, Going!

Evie started off the day bright and early. She then took a 3.5 hour nap! That only happens on days when we are trying to go somewhere but since she was going to miss her afternoon nap; I let her keep sleeping.

We took Carl's parents to Opryland. They liked it and thought all of the flowers were beautiful! We had a nice lunch there and walked around a bit. Evie loved all the water! She was fascinated by the sprays of water coming from the fountains.

River Park was our next stop! Evie showed her grandparents and Daddy how good she is at the slide. That girl can slide. She makes her grandparents a little nervous but that just means they love her to pieces. Evie even met a 7 week old lab named Maggie and a 7 week old baby named Will. She was not ready to leave but she never likes to come inside.

We came home for something to drink and for Evie to catch her breath. We then headed outside for some more playtime. She had so much running around the yard, going up and down the steps and opening and closing the gate. Poppy watched basketball and Carl went jogging. So, we all had a chance to relax a bit. Evie loves her Easter bunny shirt. Her Nana got it for her at a consignment sale for $1! It's a 2T but it fits her pretty well. We may even be able to squeeze her into it next Easter. She is mad in the picture because she wants to be outside and she made sure that knew it too.

Evie was worn out and ready for bed. She crashed as soon as her head hit the pillow. Carl and I are headed out on a date. Thanks She She and Poppy!

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