Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Dose of Play!

Evie seems to be back on her two naps a day this week so I am just rolling with it. Evie and I had two playdates today so we were super busy! We had a muffin swap this morning which is why I made muffins for my platdate yesterday. Evie loved having so many types of muffins to sample. I think her favorite was cinnamon. They were all yummy and it was good to see everyone. One of the mom's was talking about the church we have been attending and how they had to change because they did not feel welcomed. Interesting since this has been our thought too! Evie LOVED having so many big girls to play with and they loved having her around. She played with a cash register, a doll stroller and her favorite was a trampoline. It was a blast!

   Evie and I went for a walk to burn off all those muffins but the skies were looking stormy. We headed home and then there was HUGE downpour right when we got home. Evie played with her sand table in the garage. Just a few pieces of sand came out of the sandbox! Apparently, Evie still has an appetite for sand just like she did last year.

   We went to Carol's and Cassidy's this afternoon. Evie enjoyed seeing her friends. It's so funny to watch her interact. They all want each other's sippycup even if they have their own. Evie was fascinated with Betsy the dog so I took her for a little visit. Evie loves all the fun toys at Cassidy's house! Her favorite was a little stool that she could use to look out the window, that could keep her entertained for longer than fifteen minutes. I put a cracker in my back pocket and it of course got completely crushed. Maybe I should keep something more portable with me for a snack. We had such a great time and it worked out perfectly since we have had unpredicatable weather all day.

    It seems like we have not been home much today so Evie and I had fun playing when we got home. Then it was time for dinner time, I feel like the whole day is spent either eating or cleaning up from eating. That's just part of this adventure called motherhood!


  1. Cute pictures. The muffin swap sounds like lots of fun.

  2. A muffin swap! What a great idea!

  3. Do you not just want to eat her up??? Your Evie is so precious. Have you tried a PCA church (Presbyterian but there are 2 kinds)? I know there are a lot of great churches in Nashville!


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