Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perfect Pigtails!

Evie is back to taking two naps. Maybe because I woke her up to go out to lunch with our friends. Not a good idea! She was so happy and really sweet until midway through lunch. At that point, she decided that she was done with lunch. I think she enjoyed seeing her friends Cassidy and Logan! She really liked Cassidy's book and it entertained her for a few minutes. I really enjoyed my lunch. We went to Chuy's - you've got to try the creamy Jalapeno dip. Evie liked it too. Well, maybe not the tacos since they were a bit spicy but she liked the dip. It's like ranch with a little kick.

Evie came home and crashed again. She is so funny. I was cleaning the carpet for the third time and Evie went to get a towel. She came right over and started scrubbing! Then the phone rang, she ran around trying to find it. We went outside to play and she is really into picking flowers. She even tries to smell the bush. Bentley came over to visit her and she was so happy to see him. He is such a cute little guy.

Evie had her first set of pigtails today! She looked pretty cute but I need to get some smaller hairbands for her sweet little head.

Carl took Evie for a jog and taught her how to operate the microwave. She took it quite seriously. She tried to open the door on the wrong side until Carl showed her what to do. Evie was not fond of her hamburger. Maybe she would have liked it more with cheese. Carl spread hummus on top. She licked the hummus off and left the burger. Evie is too smart for us already.

My little brother is 26 today! How did that happen! I can still remember proudly wearing my Big Sis t-shirt. Happy Birthday, Ben!

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  1. Precious photos.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pig tails. Makes me want to go back and look at my first Pigtail post of Lucy.
    And if we are going to continue to be blogging friends ... I may have to ask you to refrain from posting anything about CHUYS! :o)
    You know I am kidding ... and totally jealous!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


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