Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunny with a chance of Jelly Beans!

We had a great day! Evie was on her best behavior for her grandparents. Not too much to post about tonight. I did go to the bank to make a deposit without my debit card. Thanks Lindsay for reminding me that I could always go inside the bank. HA! Evie and I ran in the bank and she got lots of compliments. She wore her new Janie and Jack one piece and looked precious. I LOVE those little suits and will miss Evie wearing them. Of course,I took a few pictures this morning while we were playing outside.

Carl's parents got here this afternoon. Evie decided to nap until almost 4 this afternoon. I guess she was catching up on lost sleep. We took a walk to the park and played in the yard with Evie. Evie had a little Easter egg hunt but lost interest quickly when there were no jellybeans inside her eggs. She opened several eggs and tossed them aside when she saw that nothing was inside of them.It was like she was hoping that maybe just maybe there would be a few jellybeans inside one of those eggs. I am amazed at her memory and she certainly can recall things for a much longer period of time. She recognizes her grandparents even though she does not see them often, knows where the cookies are at Harris Teeter, where her toys are in rooms that we do not play in often and what is inside the bag of snacks. She is an amazing little girl and we are thrilled to be her parents.

Carl and Tony were able to repair the changing table that Evie broke. It looks a lot more sturdy and will withstand Evie standing on it. I am on the search for a new crib for Evie. She is in a hand-me down crib which has worked pretty well until recently. The side goes up and down which is not safe according to current crib standards. Sheila had just asked me about the crib and I told her that I wanted to get Evie a new one. Well, she's getting it sooner than I had planned. I put her down to go to sleep and we heard a LOUD boom downstairs. I RAN to look on the monitor and she was fine. We went upstairs to see what happened and the side had come down. Thank goodness, we were still awake and could get her situated again. I rocked her for a few minutes and then put her back down. She's asleep and I am frantically searching the Internet for a new crib. Any suggestions?


  1. LOVE Evie's outfit!! That's scary about her crib. I'm glad she was fine. Aubrey's crib is an Eden Baby crib, and we've been happy with it. It was reasonable too, which was nice :)

  2. Oh my goodness that smocked outfit is to die for! What a busy little lady she is! Great photos!!!

  3. So scary about the crib! It's such a decision, isn't it, to decide what kind of crib to get! Good luck!


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