Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Clothes and Burritos!

Evie gave me the best treat this morning. She slept until 8 which was really great since I was up all night reading Change of Heart. It worked out quite nicely. Change of Heart was really intriguing and kept me  turning the pages even though it was way past my bedtime. Lindsay was able to find the answer to my Jodi Picoult question. Jodi writes her books just like we read them instead of completing each character separately. I finished the book this morning while Evie played. Not much was left and I just HAD to know the ending. Evie cooperated and I figure it's good for her to learn some patience.

  Evie loves jumping on pillows and has learned that it feels really nice to rest your head on a pillow too. We had a fun morning until about 11 when she was done and ready to go back to bed. So, we headed outside to soak up some rays and gaze at our beautiful azalea blooming bright, beautiful  pink flowers. Evie loves this bush. She walked around it, petted it, looked at it, plucked some flowers and really found it entertaining. We came in and had lunch then Evie went down for her nap. It was all that I could do to not crawl in my bed too. Bringing her up the stairs and walking into her cool dark room and cuddling her before nap made me think naptime sounded delicious! I decided to catch up on laundry and clean the kitchen since a tornado had destroyed it earlier in the morning. Sweeping has become more and more neccesary with the new floors everything shows. Before Evie, I would sweep once a week or so, now my broom gets used multiple times a day. Lots of things changed, not just frequency of sweeping, when Evie entered our world!

    Evie was so excited when she woke up to see that her baby had a dress! Nana made a sweet little dress for Evie's baby. I put the dress on the baby while Evie slept and could not wait to see if she noticed. Of course, she noticed, she's a little girl and a bright colored dress caught her little eye. It was so fun to watch her waltz around with the baby and play peek a boo with the skirt of the dress. Then, she decided that she wanted that dress OFF right then so I helped her and she carried the baby around with the dress in her other hand. Can't wait to see how this develops tomorrow. I LOVED dolls when I was little and I want to encourage this with Evie. I played all kinds of imaginative games with my dolls like orphange - remember this was the 80's and Annie was all the rage.  Thanks Nana for making a dress for Evie's baby. It's a hit already.

    We ran a few errands and then had a few minutes to spare so Evie requested  a trip to Petsmart. She was barking so that's why I say she requested it. Petsmart was not exactly a  happening place this afternoon but we did see two dogs. One dog, Chloe, had bows in her hair just like Evie. Her owner was about 12 and she was showing Chloe the fish and the birds just like I was pointing it all out to Evie. We were checking out the kittens that are behind a glass door and Evie wanted to get a closer look. I really do not like kittens at all ever since I sat in cat pee when I was a little girl. That experience scarred me for life with cats. They really creep me out. Apparently, Evie does not feel the same way as me because she was in heaven making her ooohhhh sounds and trying to pet them in their cages. The whole experience made me a little nervous but I endured for Evie's sake. I am sure this is just the beginning of the things that I will suffer through for Evie. She was so happy that it was worth it!

    We met Jacob and Kristin at the park. Evie tried climbing into her stroller for some reason. Not sure why since there were much more interesting things for her to try to climb on. We headed over to Blue Coast Burrito for dinner. It was so delicious and so much fun! Kristin and I just get to talking and our kiddos entertain  themselves pretty well. Kristin and I never seem to run out of things to talk about. Don't you just LOVE those kind of friends.  Thank goodness that we were sitting outside since pretty much Evie's entire taco landed on the ground. Jacob ate his entire taco but Evie inspected her taco quite carefully tossing aside the parts that she did not care for like black beans and rice.  Carl and I used to go to Chile Buritto but they got a poor rating which means it would be really difficult for me to eat there ever again. Can't wait to take Carl to Blue Coast. They have the best ranch ever too which is even more of a reason to go back soon.

     Evie was tuckered out when we got home although my cup of ice entertained her while I ran her bath water. She takes after her Daddy and is infatuated with ice. Oh dear, I am going to have two crunchers on my hands! Evie was so sweet at bedtime. I love it when she's extra tired which makes her extra snuggly. She fits in my arms so perfectly and rests her tiny little hands on my arm while I read book after book to her. It's one of my favorite times of the day with her. She waved to me when I placed her into the crib! It melted my heart but pretty much everything she does melts my heart.

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  1. What a great treat this morning. Love the adorable little doll dress!


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