Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spoon Feeding!

Evie is really growing up! I dressed her this morning and watched her strut around the house. She is a toddler and has lost her baby look. Evie is so funny! Right now, her favorite thing is sharing but sometimes it gets a little out of control. It feels like she is your Grandma just trying to get you to eat one more bite. This kid will feed you anything and especially the things that she does not want to eat. It's really sweet when she offers something that she enjoys like pretzels or oranges.

   We had a great Kindermusik class. It was good to see of our friends since we had not been to our Thursday class in several weeks. We spent a lot of time outside since it was a lot cooler. The pollen does not seem to be bothering Evie this year but I have had a headache all week. Here's hoping to some rain to wash the yellow stuff away.

Evie slept until 4:15 again so we headed out for a late afternoon walk. Evie was a hoot at dinner time. She got more food on her than in her but she had fun doing it. That's what really matters, right.  We use two spoons to eat or at least Evie does. I load one up and she gets it to her mouth while I load up another spoon. This keeps her interested in eating and cuts down on the time it takes for her to finish her dinner. Be sure to notice that her bib is missing because she threw it on the floor. Guess, it cramped her style. I love the shots of Evie in her diaper cover. She's checking her Daddy out mowing the grass. What a sweet girl!

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  1. Those blue eyes are to die for! I am not sure I am ready for spoon feeding if that is the mess that comes with it! HA!


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