Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stormy Skies!

It has been the stormiest day since we moved here and on the worst possible day. Today was the Music City Marathon and the Main Street Festival in Franklin both events that bring thousands of people to the Nashville area.  Lots of rain, thunder, lightning and the sky has been every shade that you can imagine throughout the entire day. Carl, my weather wacko,  is like a little kid in the candy shop delighting in all of the news coverage,  tuning into his weather radio every little bit and gazing out the window admiring the beauty of the storm. We have done NOTHING today! It was a little boring but good  to have a rest. I am still in my pj's from last night so it has been one lazy day.

While, I was pregnant with Evie, our sweet family friend Joie told me that having a baby would forever change everything about how I view the world. That even simple newspaper articles,  movie clips and random conversations would have a strong impact on me as a mother. Daily, I have thought of her words and how so many events that I would have not even given a passing thought to before Evie was born have forever touched my heart and consumed my thoughts. Every person is a precious child to some one just like Evie will always be my precious child.  

Tonight, is prom night for two of the local highschools. Carl noticed two kids and their dates speeding down our street earlier tonight. My hope and prayer is that they all return safely home to their parents tonight after having a blast at their prom. That makes me feel so old, but I have been thinking about those kids all night. Those kids who feel invincible because they have not seen the pain that life can cause and are on top of the world on the most special night of their lives. Joie, you were right, being Evie's mother has changed everything about how I view the world.

   We think Evie is teething again. She has been extra cuddly and sleepy all day. We watched home videos this morning for more than an hour and she just loved it. She laughed and pointed at herself on the tv. Pretty cute!

   It's a slow news day here at the Niemeyer Nest so I will close with a reminder to take lots of pictures of your kiddos. You can never have too many. I took 366 pictures in the month of March. We finally finished our shrine to Evie and I could not be happier. I am so grateful to Lindsey Turner for capturing Evie's first year of life. What an amazing gift she has given my family. I will treasure the photos always. She is fabulous!  Check out her blog if you live in the Charlotte area.

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