Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aspen Grove Park!

Evie and I met friends at the park for a picnic. We had such a great time. We walked for a little bit. Our kiddos were so cute because they were in their strollers but they held hands with each other. Jacob had a hat that he kept passing it to Evie. It was so sweet! We brought our portable highchairs for lunch and the kids did pretty good. Evie is not really into eating early these past two days. She seems to prefer a late lunch but was so excited to play on the fun playground. Kristin had not seen Evie in action on the slide. It made her a bit nervous. I have had to get over it but it does make me nervous. Evie has no fear. She stomps up the stairs, stands at the top of the slide and comes tumbling down quite quickly. It is so fun to watch her enjoying herself so much! Thanks Kristin for the great idea! If you are local, check out this park! It's so nice with walking trails, picnic shelters and a great playground with benches. Maybe one day, I could sit on the bench and chat with friends. That day is not going to be anytime soon since right now I am trying to prevent Evie from hurting herself or someone else.

After her afternoon nap, we went for a LONG walk to enjoy the beautiful weather. Tomorrow rain is expected so we took full advantage of the weather this afternoon. Rain will help wash some of this pollen away so we can handle one day of showers.

Evie saw her Daddy mowing the grass. She did not know that he was home and she starting chanting Da, Da, Da until I took her outside to see him. She was thrilled to see her Daddy. We played outside for awhile. Evie loves her pink ball and the step leading outside from our den. That's another dangerous spot but Evie is extremely careful. Carl thinks Evie needs a pair of tap shoes so she can put on a show.

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