Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy!

I took a quick trip to visit my best friend, Candice and her new baby, Curtis. He is the sweetest baby, so soft and cuddly. His hands are still clenched and he curls into a ball when he is being held. Curtis is so laid-back. He must take after his namesake, Candice's dad, is super laid-back and I think Curtis will be too. I loved holding him and staring at him. It was so much fun spending the weekend with a sweet baby boy. AHH, I love that baby stage but before you ask - there will be no more babies in the Niemeyer Nest for awhile. We are enjoying being a family of 3!

This was my first trip away from Evie and I was worried that I would miss her too much! Of course, I missed her but we kept busy and I had a great time. Candice picked me up from the airport and we went out to lunch and shopping. It's been over a year since I lunched and shopped without a baby attached to my hip. It felt just like old times since I had not met Curtis yet at this point. Candice and I had fun checking out some unique shops in Sayville. I found a super cute bib for Evie and Candice found some pretty cocktail napkins. She has a thing for cocktail napkins.

Curtis was hanging with his Daddy when we got there. He is just beautiful! I had so much fun seeing Candice and Carl in their new role as parents. They are doing such a fantastic job and make it look so easy. We took a walk and played with Curtis. He has really good head control and had so much fun on his belly. Candice and I headed out for a drink. It was so fun to spend time with my sweet friend. We brought home sushi for dinner. YUMMY! It was so fun laughing and talking! Candice and I have been friends for 12 years and I have known her Carl that long too since he is her high school sweetheart. Candice and I met freshman year at the College of Charleston so we have lots of history together. It's amazing to think of how much 12 years has changed us!

Sunday, Carl made us belgian waffles and bacon. They have a butcher within walking distance and the meat is fabulous! Curtis took a really long nap and then I fed him a bottle. We headed to the beach which is just a short trip from their house. Candice made sandwiches and we had fun hanging out on the beach. Curtis loved the beach too. I felt footloose and fancy free since I was not responsible for anyone but myself! It was a wonderful respite from being a mom for a few days but I am so grateful to spend my days with my blond haired beauty, holding hands and eating grapes!

By the time, Candice dropped me off at the airport, I was ready to be back in Nashville with Evie and Carl. It seemed like a much longer trip back especially with the 30 minute flight delay. Traveling without Evie is so much easier, I almost did not know what to do with myself without worrying about naps, sippy cups and strollers. It was such a fun weekend but I have never been so excited to hear my sweet baby at 6:30 in the morning as I was today. Although, Carl did have to tell me she was awake. Thanks Carl for taking such good care of Evie! You did a great job but I knew you would.

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  1. Being away from them does make the time together so much sweeter! I'm glad you had a great time!


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