Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Weekend!

My parents came over the weekend to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday! We had a wonderful weekend despite the endless rain. Evie and Henry had fun playing with Nana and Ipop.

All of us chipped in for one big gift - a metal detector! I think that my Dad really liked it and he is really hard to buy for. Carl grilled steaks and we had sides along with a yummy cake for dessert. Evie is always ready to celebrate a birthday especially when cake is involved.

I found an idea on Pinterest about creating a box of memories as a birthday gift. My mom helped implement it and my Dad really enjoyed reading the memories. The premise is that the giver sends out a letter to people that are important to the birthday person. Each person sends back a memory or birthday wish. All items are compiled into the box and presented to the birthday person. It was amazing to read these memories as they came in the mail and especially reading stories from my Dad's youth. Email makes this so much easier and I cannot imagine trying to collect 60 memories without the instant response that email provides. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to shower the person with written memories that are often forgotten over time.

Happy Birthday, Ipop!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tea Party for Two . . . and sometimes Three!

Evie loves having tea parties with Henry and sometimes invites me to join them. She is so dainty and delicate while Henry is a little more boisterous with his tea cups. It's so sweet to see them interacting so well together!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up!: Cork and Cow with Friends, Fashion Shoot and Ladybug Party

It's been a nice weekend. Nothing too exciting but still a nice weekend.

Saturday: Carl kept the kids while I slept late. Since when did 7:30 become sleeping late. Carl took the kids jogging and then I stayed home with Henry while Evie went swimming with Carl. Evie was so excited to go swimming and is ready for the outdoor pool to open. Henry went to his first birthday party without his sister. It was Abigail's Ladybug party with yogurt sundaes and cupcakes. Henry enjoyed riding in their cozy coupe car and playing with new toys. Abigail and Henry are good buddies at school and they were so cute together at the party. Carl and I went out with some sweet friends. We met up at Red Pony for a drink and then headed to Cork and Cow for dinner. It was a fun night with delicious food. Filet is always a nice treat and the house potatoes were yummy! It was our first time eating at a steak restaurant without a baked potato. We shared lobster mac and cheese along with some sauteed spinach. Dessert was basically a chocolate pot and was incredible! 

Sunday: Everyone slept until 7:30 which made the morning race to church a bit interesting but we did arrive in time. Evie was infatuated with the baby in front of us and kept waving wildly at her which must have annoyed the mother since her baby was more interested in Evie than napping. Evie told me that she wanted one of those but within moments she changed her tune. She went with me to pick up Henry at the nursery and it was adorable listening to her with Henry. " Hen-wee aren't you so happy that you are back with your family." Our afternoon was pretty low key. Henry and I both napped while Evie kept Carl entertained. Our sweet babysitter came over to shoot some pictures of Evie for her fashion merchandising class. High school sure has changed! Evie was impressed with the new dress that Caitlin made and happily posed for some pictures. The theme was Welcome Home Soldier and Evie loved saluting for the camera. She was not thrilled when the dress went back home with Caitlin. Then, the tears began that Evie was sad that Caitlin is going to college and Evie is going to go with her too. I'll be honest there are days that I would happily send her to college but that day will be here far to soon.  Evie was jumping up and down in the driveway to see her boys so we headed over for a bit. 

That about sums up our weekend! I have been busy cooking in the kitchen tonight because tomorrow is Meal Swap Monday. Can't wait to try some new recipes!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week In Review: Pony Rides, Playdates and Bunnies

It's been a really great week but a really long Friday. Henry has a bit of tummy troubles and Evie has not stopped chatting all day. She spends most of her time planning her next birthday party - the birthday party that will occur in January. We enjoyed lots of time playing outside with our boys. Henry calls them "bo bo's" now which I find quite endearing. Weather was just perfect until today and it has been a little chilly. Here's our week in pictures!

Carl found several bunnies in their burrow while mowing the grass. He has kept a close eye on our bunny family all week. They are really cute and now Evie wants her own pet bunny.

I love Tuesday mornings with my favorite 1 year old!

Both kids love to play in Carl's truck. Evie was practicing her ballet in the truck bed.

Ripping books has become a favorite hobby for Henry!

Pony rides at Henry's school on Thursday but he was not interested. He said, "Bye Bye, Neigh."

Leah and Henry hanging out at school. We met up with Leah and her brother after school.
Big Boy drinking out of the water fountain on his tip-toes.

Evie loves to get flowers at the grocery store but gets sad when they die.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Here are some things that I am loving on this beautiful Wednesday.

Sunflowers: A sweet friend gave these to me and they have brightened up my kitchen! Flowers always make any space look better.

Candle: I love the beach but we live so far away that this candle will have to do for now. Try it - you will feel like your house becomes your own tropical retreat. Scent is coconut-lime and it is just about perfect. 

Help,Thanks, Wow: I just finished this book by Anne Lamott and found it inspirational. Lots of good points and quotes worth remembering. Sometimes, I really struggle with how to pray but really - help, thanks and wow pretty much cover it with a little room for some elaboration. Monday, I was so shocked by the explosion in Boston that wow and help were about the only prayers coming to mind.

Trike: I am loving seeing Henry on his little trike that was a steal off the Nashville Moms Buy/Sell/Trade Board. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Piles, Party and Pedicure

We had a terrific weekend! Carl mowed the grass on Friday which freed up Saturday for spreading mulches. We had piles of mulch all.over.our.yard! Carl and Evie worked hard on the yard while Henry and I worked inside.

We had sixteen people over for dinner on Saturday. That sounds crazy but it was really fun. Everyone brought something so it was not hard to pull off at all. Carl grilled some chicken. I made potatoes Au gratin and green bean bundles. Our smoke detector went off approximately 10 times because our oven is a little out of sorts. Everything turned out just fine - beautiful weather, delicious food, fun drinks and fantastic conversation. Plus an amazing birthday cake for our precious friend, Stephanie. It was a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. YUMMY!!! Stephanie left the cake here and I ate more than my share this afternoon. 

We barely made it out the door for church this morning because Henry's socks were missing but we made it. Evie was so excited that "Big Girl Church" was up and running again. I was too! It's hard to keep her entertained and concentrate on the service. We picked up biscuits on the way home since that is a family favorite.

Carl was glued to the TV all afternoon watching the Master's. Congratulations Adam Scott! I am not a golf fan but always get teary during the jacket ceremony. There's just something about tradition that makes me a bit weepy.

Evie and I took advantage of the Master's with a Girl's Day. We had pedicures and ice-cream! It was Evie's first pedicure and she loved it. I am pretty sure that our technician was relieved when we finally made it out the door with all 10 toes and fingers still intact with pink polish. Evie had to have more than a few nails redone.

Henry ran out with me to REI to get Carl a new watch since his bit the dust.  Of course, we used our 20% coupon on a pair of socks instead of large purchase. Ugh, sometimes we just forget to think things through before making a decision. Henry had a ball surrounded by tents, bikes and boats. Mama left his shoes at home but still let him walk around a bit. He's a typical second child and gets a more relaxed childhood.

Kids are in bed and I am ready to turn some pages in my book. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week in Review: Sunshine, Spring Pics and MNO

It's been such a fantastic week! Spring makes us all happier. Everyone is sleeping better from spending so much time outside too. We have been busy but a good busy. I even had the chance to slip out on Thursday for dinner with friends at Wild Ginger. Delicious and always fun to spend time with other moms. 

Here you go . . . pictures with captions - that's all I can do tonight. 

I love these sweet little hands!

So grown up! Henry is wearing that Sailor Suit from my brother. Evie is wearing a dress from her cousins.

They adored frolicking in the flowers.

Parents were invited in to view the ballerinas towards the end of class. Oh the cuteness was just too much! It was so sweet to see these tiny ballerinas.

Henry loves his baby too and feeds her bottles just like sister.

Cougar Pride with his John Deere!

Visiting the library and holding hands. Adorable.

Evie really is my daughter! These containers immediately became beds for her babies. I used to do the same thing with my yellow shelves inside my closet. Leila sleeps in the closet now too and we have to read her book and put on her PJ's at bedtime every night.

Raffi accompanies Evie on our picnic.

Henry and I found some great storage ideas while at The Container Store.

Sweet Boy loves eating his "Pop Pop" and keeps getting cuter every minute.

"Juice" at our picnic.

Evie crashes at bedtime!

Being a Mama is tough ! Evie pushed Henry and Leila up and down the driveway all morning.
Happy Friday, y'all! We have a relaxing weekend planned.