Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Here are some things that I am loving on this beautiful Wednesday.

Sunflowers: A sweet friend gave these to me and they have brightened up my kitchen! Flowers always make any space look better.

Candle: I love the beach but we live so far away that this candle will have to do for now. Try it - you will feel like your house becomes your own tropical retreat. Scent is coconut-lime and it is just about perfect. 

Help,Thanks, Wow: I just finished this book by Anne Lamott and found it inspirational. Lots of good points and quotes worth remembering. Sometimes, I really struggle with how to pray but really - help, thanks and wow pretty much cover it with a little room for some elaboration. Monday, I was so shocked by the explosion in Boston that wow and help were about the only prayers coming to mind.

Trike: I am loving seeing Henry on his little trike that was a steal off the Nashville Moms Buy/Sell/Trade Board. 


  1. Look at Henry riding one handed!!!

  2. I am loving those sunflowers, they really do brighten up any room! Henry, he is too cute!
    stop by some time

  3. Ooh, I love a good candle. I'll have to find that one! And I love anything by Anne Lamott. I will have to write that one down. I too have trouble knowing how to pray sometimes. Thanks, Jennifer!

  4. Henry is almost doing the Wolfpack hand sign!

    1. Good catch, Ben! You're right, he's almost got!

  5. Henry looks so grown in that picture! And I want to read that Anne Lammot book really bad!


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