Friday, April 5, 2013

Week in Review: Rainy Days, Playdates and Guinea Pigs

It's been a cold, rainy week and we are thrilled to see the sunshine and feel the warmth! We have had a low-key week without much excitement.

Monday: Carl's parents left on Monday morning after spending Easter with our family. Evie had dance and then we spent the rest of the day at home. 

Tuesday: Evie had school and Henry went with me to the YMCA. Henry took a long nap which is so rare. Too bad, I wasted too much time when Evie napped for three hours every.single.afternoon. I assumed all babies sleep a lot but Henry is not a napper. 

Wednesday: We went to the Porter's house for lunch and playtime. Evie has been fascinated with how much Jacob loves her lately. Kristin and I love to hang out and are kids play so well together now that they are older. It was a fun morning with lots of time outside in their forest plus a yummy spinach quiche for lunch. 

Thursday: Both kids had school and I ran a few errands and then had a friend over for coffee. I picked both kids up from school and then we had two families over for a play date at our house. Evie loves having just a few kids over because I allow her to play upstairs in her room. That makes Evie think she is big stuff! Carl and I worked on cleaning out the attic a bit after the kids went to bed. It's about time since boxes from our move are still up there. 

Friday:  Henry celebrated turning 21 months by eating three bowls of cereal for breakfast. We went to an Easter egg hunt and had such a fantastic time. It was the perfect spring morning for an egg hunt. Everyone took a snack to share and we enjoyed a little picnic lunch.  It was so cute to see all the kids excited to hunt eggs and eat candy. One mom brought several guinea pigs for the children to pet and hold. Evie and Henry were both infatuated by those furry creatures. I made it abundantly clear that we might get a dog but not a guinea pig. Mama cannot handle a furry rat living in the house.  

We are looking forward to a gorgeous weekend filled with lots of fun. Our agenda is packed! Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. The pictures from the Easter egg hunt are gorgeous. I hope you enjoy your weekend. We are supposed to have nice weather this weekend. YAY, I am ready for spring!


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