Friday, April 12, 2013

Week in Review: Sunshine, Spring Pics and MNO

It's been such a fantastic week! Spring makes us all happier. Everyone is sleeping better from spending so much time outside too. We have been busy but a good busy. I even had the chance to slip out on Thursday for dinner with friends at Wild Ginger. Delicious and always fun to spend time with other moms. 

Here you go . . . pictures with captions - that's all I can do tonight. 

I love these sweet little hands!

So grown up! Henry is wearing that Sailor Suit from my brother. Evie is wearing a dress from her cousins.

They adored frolicking in the flowers.

Parents were invited in to view the ballerinas towards the end of class. Oh the cuteness was just too much! It was so sweet to see these tiny ballerinas.

Henry loves his baby too and feeds her bottles just like sister.

Cougar Pride with his John Deere!

Visiting the library and holding hands. Adorable.

Evie really is my daughter! These containers immediately became beds for her babies. I used to do the same thing with my yellow shelves inside my closet. Leila sleeps in the closet now too and we have to read her book and put on her PJ's at bedtime every night.

Raffi accompanies Evie on our picnic.

Henry and I found some great storage ideas while at The Container Store.

Sweet Boy loves eating his "Pop Pop" and keeps getting cuter every minute.

"Juice" at our picnic.

Evie crashes at bedtime!

Being a Mama is tough ! Evie pushed Henry and Leila up and down the driveway all morning.
Happy Friday, y'all! We have a relaxing weekend planned.


  1. I agree - time outdoors really helps them sleep! Would you believe we had an ice storm here today?? Awful weather here lately but I think it's finally going to start warming up!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that picture of Evie pushing Henry and Leila in the driveway. Adorable!


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