Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Weekend!

My parents came over the weekend to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday! We had a wonderful weekend despite the endless rain. Evie and Henry had fun playing with Nana and Ipop.

All of us chipped in for one big gift - a metal detector! I think that my Dad really liked it and he is really hard to buy for. Carl grilled steaks and we had sides along with a yummy cake for dessert. Evie is always ready to celebrate a birthday especially when cake is involved.

I found an idea on Pinterest about creating a box of memories as a birthday gift. My mom helped implement it and my Dad really enjoyed reading the memories. The premise is that the giver sends out a letter to people that are important to the birthday person. Each person sends back a memory or birthday wish. All items are compiled into the box and presented to the birthday person. It was amazing to read these memories as they came in the mail and especially reading stories from my Dad's youth. Email makes this so much easier and I cannot imagine trying to collect 60 memories without the instant response that email provides. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to shower the person with written memories that are often forgotten over time.

Happy Birthday, Ipop!


  1. Happy 60th to your sweet dad! I've been dying to hear how the memories box went and wonderws when he would get them all and read them! Thanks for including us and letting us be a small part of his celebrations!

  2. Happy birthday Ipop! I spy a NothingBundtCake;)


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