Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Piles, Party and Pedicure

We had a terrific weekend! Carl mowed the grass on Friday which freed up Saturday for spreading mulches. We had piles of mulch all.over.our.yard! Carl and Evie worked hard on the yard while Henry and I worked inside.

We had sixteen people over for dinner on Saturday. That sounds crazy but it was really fun. Everyone brought something so it was not hard to pull off at all. Carl grilled some chicken. I made potatoes Au gratin and green bean bundles. Our smoke detector went off approximately 10 times because our oven is a little out of sorts. Everything turned out just fine - beautiful weather, delicious food, fun drinks and fantastic conversation. Plus an amazing birthday cake for our precious friend, Stephanie. It was a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. YUMMY!!! Stephanie left the cake here and I ate more than my share this afternoon. 

We barely made it out the door for church this morning because Henry's socks were missing but we made it. Evie was so excited that "Big Girl Church" was up and running again. I was too! It's hard to keep her entertained and concentrate on the service. We picked up biscuits on the way home since that is a family favorite.

Carl was glued to the TV all afternoon watching the Master's. Congratulations Adam Scott! I am not a golf fan but always get teary during the jacket ceremony. There's just something about tradition that makes me a bit weepy.

Evie and I took advantage of the Master's with a Girl's Day. We had pedicures and ice-cream! It was Evie's first pedicure and she loved it. I am pretty sure that our technician was relieved when we finally made it out the door with all 10 toes and fingers still intact with pink polish. Evie had to have more than a few nails redone.

Henry ran out with me to REI to get Carl a new watch since his bit the dust.  Of course, we used our 20% coupon on a pair of socks instead of large purchase. Ugh, sometimes we just forget to think things through before making a decision. Henry had a ball surrounded by tents, bikes and boats. Mama left his shoes at home but still let him walk around a bit. He's a typical second child and gets a more relaxed childhood.

Kids are in bed and I am ready to turn some pages in my book. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am completely impressed by the amount of people you fed! Hosting people in our home is not one of my finest qualities, so the part in "Carry On, Warrior" about that really spoke to me. We love or friends and our home so i want to feel better about it. Ned always has grand ideas about having a ton of people over but he's not the one who feels compelled to wipe down cabinets or check for cobwebs.

  2. Whitney, I do the same thing and thought about that part of Carry On Warrior too while preparing yesterday. Everyone mostly stayed outside or in the kitchen. Eight of the people were kids. Trust me, if I can do it- you could too.😃

  3. So much fun Jennifer, you made it look easy!!


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