Friday, April 19, 2013

Week In Review: Pony Rides, Playdates and Bunnies

It's been a really great week but a really long Friday. Henry has a bit of tummy troubles and Evie has not stopped chatting all day. She spends most of her time planning her next birthday party - the birthday party that will occur in January. We enjoyed lots of time playing outside with our boys. Henry calls them "bo bo's" now which I find quite endearing. Weather was just perfect until today and it has been a little chilly. Here's our week in pictures!

Carl found several bunnies in their burrow while mowing the grass. He has kept a close eye on our bunny family all week. They are really cute and now Evie wants her own pet bunny.

I love Tuesday mornings with my favorite 1 year old!

Both kids love to play in Carl's truck. Evie was practicing her ballet in the truck bed.

Ripping books has become a favorite hobby for Henry!

Pony rides at Henry's school on Thursday but he was not interested. He said, "Bye Bye, Neigh."

Leah and Henry hanging out at school. We met up with Leah and her brother after school.
Big Boy drinking out of the water fountain on his tip-toes.

Evie loves to get flowers at the grocery store but gets sad when they die.


  1. Avery's birthday party is a hot topic around here. From who's coming to who's coming next to being worried that she doesn't have cupcakes yet. These conversations are often happening at 7 am when my brain is not at it's fastest. These girls would get along well!

  2. sometimes i think we live parallel lives. :) our kiddos sound so similar! libbi has been planning her bday party (and everyone else's) for months. the theme constantly changes....ballet party, princess party, unicorn party, and the list goes on and on and on....meanwhile laney will be happy with anything as long as there is cupcakes. ;-) have a great weekend!

  3. Evie and Leah look like twins! I had to do a double take to see if that was Evie or not!


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