Monday, February 29, 2016

February - Snow, Heart Day and Lots of Activity

February 1: Everyone had to get back in the swing of things after our fun weekend in Chattanooga! Evie texted with her friend Sarah! That is a look of pure joy on her face. We both miss the Mim's family. Could someone please tell me why Evie looks like a teenager all of a sudden?

February 2: Henry had his first day of swimming lessons plus we went to Home Depot and had Krispy Kreme. Henry thought it was the best day ever!

February 3: I did a few things around the house while the kids were at school and then Henry worked on making words on the washing machine. He is really into words right now so I put out some shaving cream for both children to write words together.

February 4: Back to swimming and then Henry and I made dinner for two families in need of a meal. One Mama had surgery and another had her fifth baby. Henry loves going to the mall and it was a cold day - sounds like a perfect mall day to me.  He decided that the pretzels at Auntie Annes are super delicious. 

February 5: Henry worked on his words again before school.  I volunteered in Evie's classroom and then it was Evie's first day of acting classes. My little drama queen is a natural on stage but definitely one of the youngest in her class. Two of her friends are taking the class with her which makes it extra fun. 

February 6: I took Evie and two of her friends to a birthday party at The Art Attic and Carl took Henry to a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. We met up at home for a quick lunch before heading to our neighbors for a birthday bash for two of their boys - this is the same mom that just had her fifth kid. Super Mom I tell you! Afterwards, we headed to Ed and Kelly's house for dinner. Leah made thank you notes for Evie and Henry and little place cards. It was so cute and dinner was delicious! What a fun night!

February 7: We went to late church - our family is starting to sleep later and early church is getting harder to attend but late church is late! Evie thought it was so funny to attend Sunday school before church instead of afterwards! We came home for lunch and then I took Evie to the mall for our date. She earned 20 points and wanted to go to Starbucks for a treat and she needed some new jeans. Major growth spurt! It was time to cheer on our Panther's for the Super Bowl. What a terrible game but it was fun to spend time with friends. Evie and Henry had a ball and loved eating chips for dinner plus wearing their shirts from Aunt Libby. 

February 8: Henry went to school with his friend Elliott and I stayed home with the dishwasher repair man and the carpet cleaners. I had a productive day since I was stuck at home with no kids and it was freezing cold.

February 9: Our school system called at 5:00 AM to let us know it was a snow day! Woo Hoo! We enjoyed a day at home together. It was wonderful to have the time to catch up on school work, house work and Valentines. Roads were clear and it was sunny outside. I took the kids to church for Fat Tuesday. Our Youth Group had a big Mardi Gras party and it was a fabulous night. Who does not like pancakes and bacon for dinner? It was a LONG trek home. Snow started falling again while we were at church - it was gorgeous like cotton balls but it came down so fast that it created some traffic problems. I was so relieved to make it home safely since Carl was out of town having his own snow  concerns. Evie put Henry to bed and slept in the other bed in his room since we got the call while in the snow traffic that school was out again.

February 10: Everyone slept late! It is so nice that my children finally sleep late . . . occasionally. I thought this would never happen! We had a nice morning at home playing games and working on school work. First grade is tough these days. Evie has at least an hour of work every night and of course I give her a little more. It's the teacher in me! Evie went to her friend Harper's house right before lunch so it was just me and Henry. He is so easy and I got lots done while it was just him. My laundry had piled up! It looked like more snow might come so we decided to get out for a bit. Henry had his 20 points and of course wanted to go to Starbucks. He loves to do what Evie does - vanilla frappachino and a cake pop were his choices. Then, went to Target along with the rest of Nashville. Everyone was feeling cooped up and cabin fever was setting after two days of snow.  Carl got home from Ohio and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at home. Evie got home about 6:30. She had dinner with the Buckley's but chit chatted with us while we ate. Carl put the children to bed while I made Triple Chocolate Cookies for the teacher luncheon. 

February 11: Evie had a one hour delay for school which meant her school started at the same time as Henry's swim lesson. Henry and I ran a few errands after swim to get some popcorn for all the teachers. Pinterest had a super cute teacher gift - "Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz - You are the best teacher there is." I adapted it to Valentine's day, bought some goodies from Popcorn Village, tossed in a can of coke and tied it up with a bow. Evie thought it was cute! Carl came home early to take Henry to his make-up swim lesson. Henry loved having swim twice in one day and Carl enjoyed seeing Henry in action. 

February 12: Party Day for Evie and Henry but parents were not invited. Both kids were so excited to take their valentines to school and dress in festive attire. Henry went to Eddie's house while I drove the girls to acting lessons. I ran a few errands and enjoyed the quiet. It is so nice to alternate the driving. Carl prepared dinner for us which made getting home at 6:30 much nicer.

February 13: Carl's brother, Kurt and his family came to visit. We just hung out at home while the boys went to play golf. We had a babysitter come that night so we could enjoy our first dinner together without kids since Evie was born. YIKES! We need to do go out together more often.  It was such a fun night out toWild Iris with Kurt and Lollie. After dinner, we went to 12 South and grabbed a few or a few dozen doughnuts for the kiddos for Valentine's day.

February 14: Henry woke up bright and early - I think he expected Valentines to be like Christmas. He was thrilled with his new umbrella, wallet and goody bag. Evie slept in a bit but was super thrilled with her little treats too. We took everyone to Robert's Western World for a real taste of Nashville and then to the Frist Art Museum. Evie loves art and Henry loves music. Mary and Lucy seemed to enjoy both activities! 

February 15: Kurt and Lollie left after breakfast. It was so nice to have them visit! We just hung out at home all day because it was so rainy. Henry and I painted with watercolors. Evie and I caught up on her school work. 

February 16: Henry had swimming and then went to Pump it Up with his friend Anderson. I had a PTO meeting for an event that I am co-chairing at Evie's school. After my meeting, Henry and I made a beeline for Chick Fil A for a car picnic. Never fear, I loosened his car seat straps so he could eat and he was just holding my coke. He had chocolate milk. After our picnic, we went to REI to repair a jogging stroller tire. One of the perks of having a child on the smaller side is that they still fit in the stroller. Another perk is that the child still enjoys going on walks and thinks the stroller is fabulous. Henry loved using his umbrella in the rain unfortunately the rain made Evie's curls fall out quickly. 

February 17: We went to the Lenten program at church. Our kids loved the Lorax programming while we learned about traits of Christianity. It was a good night!

February 18: Henry and I went to the zoo after swim. It was a gorgeous day! Henry picked up Evie from the school bus on his gator. Evie is not a fan of afternoon bus rides. They are long and she had an incident back in the fall. However, I have convinced her to get back on the horse! I had book club that night so Carl held down the fort. Christina rode with me and our discussion at book club was lively. We read " Guests on Earth" written by Lee Smith. I thought it was an interesting book mostly because I am a North Carolina native and Lee Smith writes with extraordinary detail. This book was all over the place but still a worth a read. 

February 19: I volunteered at Evie's school and then picked up Henry. We went to get Anderson since his mom was out of town. Anderson and Henry play so well together that I was able to get a lot accomplished. We took Anderson back to his house and ran to Franklin to pick up Evie from acting. Then, we took her to Bonnie's for a sleepover. Evie was a little nervous to go only because she did not know anyone. Of course, she did just fine! Henry and I met Carl at Chick Fil A for dinner. Henry's choice is always CFA and Evie's choice is always Mexican food. 

February 20: We all went to pick up Evie and then stopped at the park to play since it was a pretty day. All that playing got everyone hungry for some breakfast and then we had a few errands. Evie organized some centers for us all outside. My favorite center was the "a-laxing" center as Evie called it. Mama got a chance to read. We also played Duck Duck Goose, ball toss, gator ride, and basketball.  I took a nap and then worked on my lesson plan for Children's Chapel. We had Pizza Night on Saturday since Evie was gone on Friday. Both children love our traditional pizza and a movie on Fridays. 

February 21: We went to early church and then had a meeting to plan some events for our Young Families group while the big kids were in Sunday School. The rest of our day was spent relaxing around the house. I have had a head cold for several days and needed the rest. 

February 22: It was a nice day with sunshine - vitamin D to the rescue!

February 23: Henry learned to swim! WOO HOO! Of course - he has lots more to learn but he can do it.  After swimming, we went to the library for early voting and story time. We picked Evie up and then met some friends at Oscar's for dinner since both Daddy's were traveling.

February 24: Henry was excited for school. I got a lot accomplished around the house and then I met Kristin for lunch. Evie brought home her math test and was so proud to have them all right. Sheesh - first grade math is crazy and remember I used to be a first grade teacher! We met Carl at church for the Lenten dinner and program. 

February 25: Henry had swimming. We went to church afterwards for Spring Street. One of our seniors passed away - such sad news. Henry sure hams it up for the ladies. Afterwards, we went to Krispy Kreme. He used his very own gift card and was so proud to purchase his doughnuts. 

February 26: I finally made it to 5 Daughters Bakery and it lived up to all the hype. Oh my goodness - it was delicious. I got two cinnamon rolls - one to share with Evie and one for her sweet teacher. Evie was thrilled to indulge in the cinnamon roll  - I think we need to go back again soon. They even have Vegan treats. Delicious! I volunteered with the spelling after lunch. It sure is fun to see how these kids have come such a long way this year. Mrs. H is the best teacher! Eddie came over to play with Henry while Kelly took the girls to acting class. The boys had a ball and were no trouble at all. Carl got home early and was able to see Henry in his element. Evie came home and was so upset to find out that I was leaving. Of course, I had mentioned this to her several times but Evie is still quite attached to me and kept saying but I have not had any time with you all day. Sweet girl was right but I still went out with the moms in her class for an amazing dinner at The Honeysuckle. It was a fabulous night! Sadly, I did not take any pictures but I sure had fun sharing lots of laughs and yummy food. We ordered it all - fried green tomatoes, pickled okra, deviled eggs and I had a cheeseburger for dinner. Surprisingly, we were all too full for dessert! 

February 27: I woke up to Henry's little hands on my face! We just hung out at home - Carl worked in the yard and I hung out with the kids. I made some soup for lunch and muffins for church. Evie and I had a little date to Krispy Kreme and Target. It's always fun to sneak in a little time with Evie without Henry since I get lots of solo time with Henry. Carl had a nice time with Henry while I was gone washing his car, playing outside and looking at ties for Easter. Carl and I left for a 40th birthday party for my friend Courtney. It was a fantastic night and so fun to see all of my friends embracing 40. Everyone enjoyed themselves but I am an early bird so we left around 10. 

February 28: Henry woke us up bright and early. We attended early church and I taught Children's Chapel again. I really love being with the children! After church, our small group hosted coffee hour for the congregation. Food always builds community. Carl helped Evie build her float for the Dr. Seuss parade at school. He is so patient working with her and even let both kids try out the drill. I think that was their favorite part. Our neighbors came over to play. Henry got mad because he wanted to play inside but six kids inside on a beautiful day did not seem like a good idea! We wrapped up the weekend with Evie's favorite Amercia's Funniest Home Video show and popcorn popped by Henry and Carl. It was a fabulous weekend. 

February 29: Everyone left for school and work. I met Stephanie for coffee at Just Love Coffee. It had been a long time since I saw her so it was great to catch up and then I went to the eye doctor for my yearly exam. I always dread it because it takes so long but it was not bad today. It was a gorgeous day so I met Wendy to walk the trails. Walking is always more fun with a friend and I hit 17,000 steps - woo hoo. I picked up Henry and his friend Matthew from preschool. We enjoyed the afternoon outside and Evie sure was surprised to see Matthew when she got off the bus. I am so excited for spring after this early introduction to sunshiny days.