Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Girls

Baby in a bucket!

Baby on the coffee table.

Baby with a boo boo in her bed.

Baby takes a potty break.

Baby Bear takes a nap. This was my bear when I was little so this is extra sweet to me.

Personal Favorite:
Baby taking a nap on the guest bed with a spatula.
She is covered up with a papertowel.
I cannot write that post title without thinking of the song "Little Girls"  from Annie.

That's exactly, how I feel these days except that it is baby dolls all over my house.

It makes me laugh to see the places her dolls end up around here. These are pictures from this week of the various spots that Evie's dolls have made an appearance.

Evie is such a good little Mommy and takes her job quite seriously.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Note from the Teacher

Evie got her first note home from the teacher . . . actually it was my first note since it was addressed to me. Just in case, you cannot read it:


        We go outside everyday! I was cold today . . . PLEASE send a WARM coat, hat and mittens for me. I want to stay warm and have fun playing with my friends. Love, Evie

Of course, that made me feel terrible that Evie was cold on the playground until I remembered that we had a battle over which coat she should wear that morning.

I still feel a tad guilty but that's nothing new just part of being a mom!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a great weekend! Carl and Evie ran some errands on Saturday morning. Henry took a three hour nap which meant that I was able to catch up on a few things around the house. Evie came back with a princess kite. She was so excited so we all headed outside to fly it. We look forward to lots of windy March days spent flying our kite.

Everyone took naps and then Evie headed out with me to Harris Teeter. It's so easy and fun to just take Evie with me. Evie loves having me all to herself. We kept chanting "girls trip, no boys allowed" while we were gone. Evie thought that was just hysterical.

Evie helped Carl grill some chicken and then it was time for bed.

Everyone is finally well now so we headed to church this morning. Henry was not too happy in the nursery this morning but he made it. Evie had a blast in her class and told me "bye bye" before I even had her checked in.

Bagels are one of our favorite parts about Sunday's. Bruegger's was our next stop. Even Henry, likes bagels and will happily munch on one for quite some time.

Henry was ready for his nap after his busy morning in the nursery. Carl took a nap with Evie on the couch and I headed to bed myself. We are all exhausted from our sleepless week.

We spent the rest of the afternoon putting up the baby gate and doing laundry. Henry is on the move! The baby gate helps me feel more comfortable while he is exploring our house from his new vantage point.

Henry is taking another nap right now at 7 so we may have an interesting night. Popcorn and ice-cream made up our dinner. Evie LOVED her cone of Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch.

 Carl is putting Evie to bed. Then, it will be time to prepare for another week. It feels great be more rested and those longs naps were just what we needed. Our calendar is not too busy this week which is always nice to just enjoy time at home. Hope your week gets off to a terrific start tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Week in Review!

It's been a LONG week but a good week.

Monday: We stayed home and did some things around the house. Harris Teeter was calling our name for Super Double Coupons. I barely had any room for my groceries since both kids were with me. We had Baked Ziti for dinner and watched The Bachelor. It's such a crazy show but so fun to watch together.

Tuesday: Carl left to go to Tampa at 5:00 AM. I did not even hear him leave because Henry had been up so much the night before. Evie had school and Henry hung out at home with me. We took dinner to a friend that just had a new baby. Then, made a quick trip to the library before picking up Evie. We waited all afternoon for our new oven to arrive. It finally arrived at 6:00 right in the middle of dinner.

Wednesday: Scott came to install our oven. I took the kids with me to a meeting for the MOMS Club. It was good to get out for a bit since it's hard to be home with kids while someone is trying to work in the kitchen. Evie had a ball at Stacey's house and told me that she "liked playing in that castle." I enjoyed seeing Stacey's new house too and it's always fun to chat with other moms. We ran through McDonald's quickly although Evie was upset because she wanted " Chikit fil A". She decided that McDonald's was fine when we had a picnic in her pink bedroom. Henry had his first nugget and loved it! He really eats anything and everything that we give him. Not sure, if baby food is going to cut it with him for too much longer. Both kids napped even though our house sounded like a construction zone. Our cabinets had to be modified so the oven could fit which involved lots of loud noise. Evie woke up and decided to write about a hundred checks to Scott on her pink Post-it Notes. That was a mess but it kept her busy. I had to call our neighbor to come help get the oven in the wall but finally after an entire day of work we had a working oven.

Thursday: Evie and Henry both had hard nights. Henry was up from 2:30- 3:30 and then Evie piped in with a bad dream about 3:45. Apparently, a dinosaur came in to say hello to her and then the dinosaur roared at her so she needed to tell me all about it! Henry then woke up again so I missed three hours of sleep. They still woke up early even after being up so much in the night. Evie went to school and Henry had his sitter. I met Courtney for coffee which was the highlight of my week and then went to have my hair done. Evie was a hot mess after school because she does not nap there anymore. Henry was asleep when we got home. We played outside for a bit because it was just gorgeous especially for February. Carl got home in time for a run/walk with the entire family. Let me assure you that there was a lot more walking than running! We put the kids to bed and had a late dinner of leftovers. Nothing quite says, "Welcome Home, Honey" like leftovers from earlier in the week. Henry slept better only waking twice. That felt like a picnic compared to our usual three to five times per night. Henry and I are getting to know each other real well in the middle of the night. I am hoping he is beginning to notice that Mommy needs her sleep and is not so welcoming between the hours of 7 and 7.

Friday: We hung out at home all morning before heading out to Molly's birthday party. Evie was so excited and could barely contain herself. She was all dressed up in her pink princess dress and had a ball with the other girls. It was a princess party complete with manicures, make-up, miniature sandwiches and tea in teacups. Evie loved all the goodies including her own lip gloss, nail polish, crown and pink princess balloon. It was her first time getting the royal treatment since I barely paint my own nails much less my three year olds fingernails. The cake was delicious! Nap time commenced immediately after we walked in the door. Everyone was exhausted. We have no plans on the agenda for the weekend and are hoping for a nice quiet relaxing weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleepless in Nashville!

I miss blogging but there's not much to say except that we are all exhausted. Henry is just not sleeping well and when he is sleeping than Evie seems to be awake. He goes back to the GI on Tuesday so I am hoping to get a new plan in place to help the little guy feel better. Henry is beginning to crawl and will take two crawls at a time. YIKES. Life is about to get a lot harder around here.  Well, gotta run, Henry is napping and Evie is reading so it's time to do a few things before Carl gets home from Tampa. Can't wait to see him!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Planes, Pediatricians and Playdates

It's been a busy few days. I flew with the kids to my parents last Wednesday. Evie just loves to fly so it was an easy flight. We like to fly into Greenville-Spartanburg because it's so much less expensive to fly Southwest. That means, we have about an hour drive to my parents after our flight. Flying is much easier than driving when it's just me and the kids! Henry was not happy for about 20 minutes of the trip and Evie just chattered all the way back to my parents. Evie was so excited to see Ipop, Nana and Uncle Ben. Henry was excited too in his own little way.

Thursday, we went to see my grandmother and Aunt Libby. Evie helped Libby water flowers, played with tinker toys and jumped off the steps. Henry was perfectly content being held. We headed back for nap time. Henry did not sleep at all on Thursday night. He was up multiple times per hour. I just figured that it was his teeth or being in a new place.

My mom took the day off on Friday and we took the kids to Schiele Museum. It was fun and helped Evie burn some energy. She walked more there than she has in her entire life. I always travel with my umbrella stroller to make it easier on myself. Henry was in the stroller so Evie had to walk. Nap time went really well that afternoon. My cousin Brian flew in from Texas to visit his grandmother and came over to meet Henry. Evie loves Brian and had a ball having someone new to entertain her. My Dad and I took Evie to the park to see her little friend Maddie. It was a gorgeous day and so fun to enjoy the nice weather with my little girl. Henry had another bad night and I was starting to be worried about him at this point.

I met my friend, Candice, for brunch with Henry. She had not met him yet so it worked out perfectly for her to meet the little guy. Henry seemed to enjoy brunch and made a royal mess under the highchair. That is something, that I had forgotten about having a new eater - everything becomes sticky and covered with crumbs. Candice and I had a great time catching up since it been just over a year that we had a chance to visit. Kids sure change everything but we both agree that it is worth it to have our sweet kiddos.

Evie had a play date at Nana's and Ipop's while I was at brunch. Maddie and her sister Meredith came over to make cookies with my mom. That must have been a royal mess but the girls were so proud of their beautiful cookies covered in red sprinkles.  Henry seemed out of sorts so I decided to take him to an urgent care. That did not work out too well! My mom saved the day by calling her friend who is a pediatrician. He was on call and happily met Henry at his office to check out my little guy. Henry had another double ear infection and pink eye. No wonder, he was not sleeping! He did much better on Saturday night.

We had such a fun visit with my family. It always goes so fast and it's harder to make the rounds now that I have two kids to keep up with. Carl kept busy in Nashville with a sales training and then he had a friend come into town.

It was pouring down rain on Sunday as we drove back to airport. Security was crazy because they were checking lots of bags. Henry's prescription raised a red flag so we had to wait while they figured out that it really was just an antibiotic. We made it to the gate as they were beginning to load the plane. Family boarding makes everything easier so it all worked out. Evie and Henry did fantastic on the flight. Carl was waiting for us at the airport and Evie literally ran into his arms as soon as she spotted him. It was so sweet and lots of people were trying to assess the situation. Carl said it was like a reunion for a soldier returning from war. We had just been gone for four nights but Evie was thrilled to see her Daddy.

Now, it's back to reality, although my mom washed all my clothes before we left to come home. Too bad, the clothes cannot magically jump into the closet and drawers where they belong.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012