Monday, February 13, 2012

Adventures with Evie!

It was time to take Evie on a little adventure without Henry. She needed some special time with just Mommy. Today was the day! Although, Evie barely woke up in time to go on our outing. I had to wake her at 9:40! She's still catching up on her lost sleep from last week and she had a bad dream last night that kept her awake for a few minutes around 3:00 in the morning.

Karen came to babysit Henry and off we went to the eye doctor. Evie did not even care where we were going as long as she was getting out of the house. She did great at my short appointment and was quite impressed by the machine that checked my eyes. Evie got lots (too much?) attention from all the little old ladies at the eye doctor. They all wanted to tell her that she was beautiful and that her outfit was so cute. Evie selected her own clothes this morning and all the compliments gave her a boost of confidence. I thought it was a bit much but she sure seems to have great fashion sense since she did receive so many compliments on her pink present jumper paired with striped leggings. 

 Evie met "a Mamaw" in the elevator. Mamaw is what we call my grandmother and Evie is quite aware of other Mamaw's. The lady tried to chat with Evie in the elevator but Evie was not so sure about her. She looked up at me and said, " I don't like that Mamaw. That someone else's Mamaw." I am pretty sure that the lady did not overhear Evie's innocent little comment.

After the eye doctor, we headed to Philips' Toy Mart, it has the reputation of being the best toy store in the area and it sure is the best! Evie and I spent more than an hour browsing, playing and having a great time. I told her that we were going to get one small toy and she chose a kitty bank for herself and a blue boat for Henry. We purchased a few treats for our plane trip later this week but those are put away so that the wonder does not wear off before I need it to occupy Evie.  Philips' Toy Mart is celebrating their 66th year in business and they truly have the largest selection of toys that I have ever seen. Everything is excellent quality and serves a purpose meaning that it is played with for longer than five minutes. I was impressed with the myraid of activity books and sticker books, perfect for entertaining a busy toddler quietly for a few minutes. I love the Kumon brand and they are hard to locate in town so it's good to know a place to get my hands on them. Evie had a ball in there! I found a really cute paper store nearby and cannot wait to go back when I have time to browse without my busy toddler.

Evie suddenly wanted to know where brother was after a few hours out with me. I reminded her that he was with Karen. Evie said, "Henry want you Mommy. Karen is NOT his Mommy. He miss you." Evie really shows empathy for others which makes me so happy. I hope she always cares about other's feelings so much.

I told her that we could go out to lunch to a real restaurant since it was our special day. My suggestion was Puffy Muffin and even included the offer of a Valentine cookie for dessert. She turned me down with her vote to visit Chick Fil A. That girl loves Chick fil A and their lemonade and their playground. So, since it was Evie's day, we went to Chick fil A. We sat in a booth getting situated with our lunch when she decided that she needed to come sit next to me instead of across from me. That made me smile!

I had so much fun with Evie this morning. It's hard to believe that we used to have every day all by ourselves to just flit around town with little regard to schedules or routines. Henry has changed that a bit for now but we sure love having Henry in our family. Soon enough, he will be flitting around town with us and he will have his turn for an adventure with Mommy.

Henry was just waking up from his nap when we got home and was thrilled to see us. Not sure, he even noticed that we were gone but he did like his boat which made Evie so proud!


  1. John's Toy and Hobby is going out of business in Gastonia... :( I found some fun stuff at the GOB sale! Yay for independent toy stores.

  2. don't you just love the red stamp app? so fun!
    libbi got some calico critters for christmas, but being the "mean momma" that i am..i returned them - haha! they had way too many little bitty tiny pieces for me. there is no way she would have kept up with them for more than a day. :)

  3. I love this special day for Evie. We are so excited for Sam to join our family, but I'm also looking forward to some things planned just for Avery. The toy store sounds great. Those are where you get the "real" toys.


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