Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleepless in Nashville!

I miss blogging but there's not much to say except that we are all exhausted. Henry is just not sleeping well and when he is sleeping than Evie seems to be awake. He goes back to the GI on Tuesday so I am hoping to get a new plan in place to help the little guy feel better. Henry is beginning to crawl and will take two crawls at a time. YIKES. Life is about to get a lot harder around here.  Well, gotta run, Henry is napping and Evie is reading so it's time to do a few things before Carl gets home from Tampa. Can't wait to see him!


  1. Saying an extra prayer for you... Praying those cuties start sleeping better!! They are just so beautiful! Keep us posted on Henry's tummy!

  2. Thinking of you and know that you aren't alone...we are sleepless in Raleigh! The RSV ordeal has backtracked Davis' sleeping habits! Hoping for more sleep for all in the coming day! And I love your Lenten commitment!


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