Monday, February 27, 2012

Note from the Teacher

Evie got her first note home from the teacher . . . actually it was my first note since it was addressed to me. Just in case, you cannot read it:


        We go outside everyday! I was cold today . . . PLEASE send a WARM coat, hat and mittens for me. I want to stay warm and have fun playing with my friends. Love, Evie

Of course, that made me feel terrible that Evie was cold on the playground until I remembered that we had a battle over which coat she should wear that morning.

I still feel a tad guilty but that's nothing new just part of being a mom!


  1. Oh my. Maybe it's the hormones but that would have rubbed me the wrong way! We all have days where we forget. I'm sure you aren't regularly dressing her in shorts, so perhaps an "Oops, Evie forgot her coat today" would have gotten the point across. Don't feel guilty a bit.

  2. wow....were the caps and underlines really necessary?????
    at least it's not the kind of notes we've been getting home....
    "libbi was in timeout again today..." "libbi had a difficult time listening..."
    oh boy.

  3. Wow! Talk about the guilt trip!? Any mother knows that it sometimes involves conquering world peace to get our little angels out the door in the mornings.

  4. Ha! This is funny. We've had similar notes home from Molly's teachers because every morning turns into a war time when it comes time to choose shoes, coats, hairbows, etc. Somedays, we're lucky she doesn't end up at school in her pjs!

  5. Haha!!! This made me laugh out loud!


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