Friday, February 10, 2012

Week in Review!

It's been a long, hard week with some fun sprinkled in too. We are all ready for the weekend. Weeks like this make me really appreciate steaming mugs of hazelnut coffee with liberal amounts of cream, warm cozy beds and comfortable pajamas.

Sunday: We stayed home all day! Henry was not feeling well. We went to Christian and Courtney's house for the Super Bowl. It was so much fun. I ate way too much and did not watch one minute of the game.

Monday: I hosted a Beauti-control party for a friend starting out her business. Kids were welcome but it's still hard to get people to that type of thing. I learned that attendance rate is usually about 33% of the people invited so I will know to invite more people next time. It was fun having a small group of five and a few phone orders. I made Up all Night rolls, Nancy's quiche and fruit salad. My rolls were okay but this was our first sign that the oven was about to leave us.  Henry was up all night on Sunday, screaming and crying, which is so unlike him. I made him an appointment at the pediatrician for 2:40 so both kids had to be roused from their naps to get there on time. That was one of our only good nap days of the week! Dr. Brooks diagnosed Henry with a double ear infection and bronchiolitis. No wonder, the poor thing was screaming! Evie was on her best behavior as a result of my offer to take her for ice-cream after the appointment - if she remained on her very best behavior. It worked and it was so fun to treat my little girl to some pink frozen yogurt at Sweet Ce Ce's. She topped her frozen treat with cherries, pink sprinkles, whoppers and a few other things that have escaped my memory. That cup of yogurt disappeared in a jiffy too. I stuck with Original Tart without any toppings but enjoyed mine just the same.  Henry found his pink spoon quite tasty and entertaining. Our next stop was to pick up Henry's medicine. Can't remember what we did the rest of the day.

Tuesday: Evie went to school and Henry stayed home to catch up on his rest. I got a few things done around the house and then went to the library before picking up Evie from school. Evie did not nap at school and did not nap at home. I was quite anxious about taking  her out for dinner but am so glad that I did since we have not been anywhere since. She did great and it was so fun to see The Porter's. Chick Fil A is CRAZY on family night but it masks all the noise of my own children.  My eye started feeling strange on the way home.

Wednesday: My fear was confirmed when I woke up with pink eye and spent most of the day trying to get a prescription called in to my pharmacy. My eyes have always been susceptible to pink eye and while teaching I contracted it a few times. I can just look at someone with pink eye and have it myself within a few days. Carl was out of town and I did not want to drive without my contacts. Courtney came to my rescue and picked up my medicine for me. It's another reason that I can add to my list of a million reasons why it's important to have a close relationship with your neighbors.

Thursday: By this point, I was ready to get out of the house but my glasses are so old that the prescription is no where close to being correct. Evie's school is less than five minutes from the house so since she was pink eye free, off we went to school. Henry and I came right back home to rest since he had been up a million times again the night before. Carl got home about 8:30 after being in Dallas since Monday. He may have wished that he was still in Dallas between Henry being up all night again and me being cranky from no sleep. Henry is coughing so much that it's hard for him to sleep. Our water bill is going to be excessively high because I have been running long, hot, steamy showers several times a day to relieve his congestion along with running the humidifier day and night. Hope the little guy is on the mend so we can all get some rest. Evie and I attempted to make cookies afterschool. Minnie Mouse cookies were her choice but our poor oven was unable to bake these without burning the bottoms. It's time to finally get a new oven. We have been putting it off for months since our 1984 oven was working just fine.

Friday: I woke up determined to have a good day even though we were stuck at home . . . again! Henry napped for a long time this morning and Evie made valentines with me. We made a big mess but had a blast creating sweet cards together. She spent the morning at the beach and pool decked out in her puffy vest, tights and favorite pink skirt. We enjoyed being together and there was much less drama than yesterday. Miracle upon miracles, both kids napped at the same time! I had a million things to do but I dropped it all to read my book - The Mermaid Chair and then took a nap myself. Henry woke up with diaper issues. He has gone from one extreme to another in the diaper department. Evie took a whopper of a nap which was greatly appreciated by her family. Perhaps, she will be a little less prone to meltdowns after catching up on some rest. It's snowing lightly and the temperatures are the coldest that they have been all year. It actually feels like winter! I am looking forward to hot, cheesy pizza and a good movie tonight! Evie went in with Carl to get the pizza. She came back talking about "that man throwing a pancake up in the sky." She is at such a fun age. Happy Friday to everyone.  

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  1. Sorry you had a rough week! It sounds just like our experience a few weeks ago, and I know it's HARD. Pink eye is just awful. It took me forever to get over mine when I had it recently, so I hope you are already better!


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