Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Planes, Pediatricians and Playdates

It's been a busy few days. I flew with the kids to my parents last Wednesday. Evie just loves to fly so it was an easy flight. We like to fly into Greenville-Spartanburg because it's so much less expensive to fly Southwest. That means, we have about an hour drive to my parents after our flight. Flying is much easier than driving when it's just me and the kids! Henry was not happy for about 20 minutes of the trip and Evie just chattered all the way back to my parents. Evie was so excited to see Ipop, Nana and Uncle Ben. Henry was excited too in his own little way.

Thursday, we went to see my grandmother and Aunt Libby. Evie helped Libby water flowers, played with tinker toys and jumped off the steps. Henry was perfectly content being held. We headed back for nap time. Henry did not sleep at all on Thursday night. He was up multiple times per hour. I just figured that it was his teeth or being in a new place.

My mom took the day off on Friday and we took the kids to Schiele Museum. It was fun and helped Evie burn some energy. She walked more there than she has in her entire life. I always travel with my umbrella stroller to make it easier on myself. Henry was in the stroller so Evie had to walk. Nap time went really well that afternoon. My cousin Brian flew in from Texas to visit his grandmother and came over to meet Henry. Evie loves Brian and had a ball having someone new to entertain her. My Dad and I took Evie to the park to see her little friend Maddie. It was a gorgeous day and so fun to enjoy the nice weather with my little girl. Henry had another bad night and I was starting to be worried about him at this point.

I met my friend, Candice, for brunch with Henry. She had not met him yet so it worked out perfectly for her to meet the little guy. Henry seemed to enjoy brunch and made a royal mess under the highchair. That is something, that I had forgotten about having a new eater - everything becomes sticky and covered with crumbs. Candice and I had a great time catching up since it been just over a year that we had a chance to visit. Kids sure change everything but we both agree that it is worth it to have our sweet kiddos.

Evie had a play date at Nana's and Ipop's while I was at brunch. Maddie and her sister Meredith came over to make cookies with my mom. That must have been a royal mess but the girls were so proud of their beautiful cookies covered in red sprinkles.  Henry seemed out of sorts so I decided to take him to an urgent care. That did not work out too well! My mom saved the day by calling her friend who is a pediatrician. He was on call and happily met Henry at his office to check out my little guy. Henry had another double ear infection and pink eye. No wonder, he was not sleeping! He did much better on Saturday night.

We had such a fun visit with my family. It always goes so fast and it's harder to make the rounds now that I have two kids to keep up with. Carl kept busy in Nashville with a sales training and then he had a friend come into town.

It was pouring down rain on Sunday as we drove back to airport. Security was crazy because they were checking lots of bags. Henry's prescription raised a red flag so we had to wait while they figured out that it really was just an antibiotic. We made it to the gate as they were beginning to load the plane. Family boarding makes everything easier so it all worked out. Evie and Henry did fantastic on the flight. Carl was waiting for us at the airport and Evie literally ran into his arms as soon as she spotted him. It was so sweet and lots of people were trying to assess the situation. Carl said it was like a reunion for a soldier returning from war. We had just been gone for four nights but Evie was thrilled to see her Daddy.

Now, it's back to reality, although my mom washed all my clothes before we left to come home. Too bad, the clothes cannot magically jump into the closet and drawers where they belong.

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  1. Sounds like a fun and eventful trip home! Evie looks so grown in Ipop's lap and Henry looks adorable in his precious outfits! Please do share the tips on our hometown pediatricians so I know what to do should Davis need one during a visit!


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