Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Girls

Baby in a bucket!

Baby on the coffee table.

Baby with a boo boo in her bed.

Baby takes a potty break.

Baby Bear takes a nap. This was my bear when I was little so this is extra sweet to me.

Personal Favorite:
Baby taking a nap on the guest bed with a spatula.
She is covered up with a papertowel.
I cannot write that post title without thinking of the song "Little Girls"  from Annie.

That's exactly, how I feel these days except that it is baby dolls all over my house.

It makes me laugh to see the places her dolls end up around here. These are pictures from this week of the various spots that Evie's dolls have made an appearance.

Evie is such a good little Mommy and takes her job quite seriously.

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  1. I love the bandaid on the baby too. My girls are obsessed with bandaids.


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