Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunny Days!

It was a gorgeous day in Nashville so we took the opportunity to play outside. Both kids had a blast and nap time was extra long which is always an added bonus.

I took Evie to a fun new play place this morning. We had a great time. It's so easy to take just Evie since she is pretty easy these days. Meltdowns are our biggest issue and we had none this morning. She did cry because she thought that I left her. Evie went down the slide and could not find me. Another mommy helped her find me and she was fine again.

We ran a few errands this afternoon and then headed out for some dinner. Nothing too exciting but it was fun! Best news of the month, Henry is not constipated anymore!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas! Evie seems to be at the perfect age for the excitement of the season and Henry enjoyed his new view. He is really enjoying sitting on his own and plays happily with his toys.

Evie woke up around 7:15 and was ready to see what Santa brought her. She was so sweet when she saw her gifts. Carl and I really had blast as she made all kinds of comments about Santa bringing her just what she wanted and then she said "thank you Santa."

After, she played with her Santa toys for a bit, Evie remembered her stocking and led me by the hand to the den. Santa brought her lots of fun things in her stocking, chopsticks, Pez, socks, and a light up toothbrush. Henry liked his stocking too. Santa must know that Henry is growing two teeth because he brought Henry some teething toys and a new hat to keep his ears warm this winter.

Evie and Henry opened their gifts from She She and Poppy. Evie loves her new pink coat! Although, her favorite toy from them was the trunk of dress-up clothes. She was had a ball dressing as a princess for the past few days. Henry likes his new soft blanket and squishy toy. We had a quick breakfast before Carl's parents headed to Atlanta to see their other grandchildren, Mary and Lucy.

We opened gifts as a family and played with Evie's new toys while Henry napped. My parents and brother arrived around lunchtime. Evie and Henry were thrilled to see everyone. Nap time went well for Evie not so well for Henry.

Present opening round 2 occurred right after nap time.Evie and Henry both received so many wonderful gifts. Evie told me that her favorites were her vacuum and a pink camera. Henry seems to really like his tool box and cars.

Carl prepared a delicious beef tenderloin for dinner. Baked potatoes, fresh green salad and rolls rounded out our Christmas meal. My mom made caramel apple cake for Carl for his birthday. It was our first family meal in the dining room since we moved in over two years ago. Carl and I have both had meals in there before but not together. Dining rooms are not the most utilized rooms these days but it was nice to enjoy Christmas dinner in the dining room.

Christmas 2011 was wonderful for our family! We appreciate our families coming to us so that we can build traditions in our home with Henry and Evie. Our house is a disaster, our tummies are full, and lots of memories were made. Kids really do make Christmas more fun as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and spend time with those who are special to us.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

We have had a fun day! Merry Christmas!

Henry is not too sure about this photo op.

He decided this was not so bad after all.

I really should post the funny pictures but this was the best out of about 10.

Evie was ready for church and not feeling the need for so many pictures.

Henry was happy to take a picture with She She and Poppy.

Evie decorated a birthday cake for Daddy and Jesus.

Christmas Eve Dinner - ham, lemon-thyme green beans, cranberry salad, pear-walnut salad, mashed potato casserole and rolls. Evie was too busy drinking her Christmas punch to turn around for a picture.

Carl getting a little help blowing out those candles.

Evie is so excited to celebrate her Daddy's birthday with cake.

Check out the kids going for the frosting!

Christmas pajama picture!

Henry has mastered sitting up!


Taking care of a few last minute preparations.

Stockings are hung by the Chimney with care.
 My mom made all of these beautiful stockings!

Santa stopped by our house with toys for Henry and Evie.
Evie received an easel, a marble run and a pink bike.
Henry received a music table, a ball drop and foam blocks.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Almost Christmas!

We are getting so excited that it's almost Christmas. Evie is counting down for Santa's arrival and ready to make Jesus a birthday cake. It's going to be a fun Christmas with our little girl.

Carl's parents arrived late yesterday afternoon. Evie was happy to see them and promptly began bossing them around. I have no idea where she gets all that bossiness.

We had an easy, simple dinner last night and then watched the Christmas special at Belmont University. It was beautiful at least what I saw of it. Henry's reflux is aggravated by his constipation which has made for some interesting times around the house. He is such a happy baby even when he does not feel his best. Henry slept so well last night better than he has since Thanksgiving. Keeping my fingers crossed that he gives me an encore performance tonight.

Our morning was spent hanging out at home while Henry napped then we headed out for lunch at Local Taco. Carl and I love the food there. What a treat to enjoy such yummy food for lunch! Evie did great and ate her fair share of guacamole along with a few black beans. We came home for naps although Henry did not nap so much this afternoon.

Evie took forever to get to sleep but she finally fell asleep around 2. We made cookies for Santa after her nap. She cracks me up with her creativity in the kitchen! Of course, she had to sample some frosting as she decorated. Only a few sprinkles landed on the floor with the help of a tablecloth under the table.

Carl's dad prepared dinner for us and it was wonderful! Pasta with tomatoes and Italian sausage.  We had a nice dinner and then put the kids to bed early since everyone was so tired.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Carl and I are really looking forward to experiencing the magic of Christmas with Evie. Kids make Christmas even more special.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome Home, Andrew Wilson

That's the big news here today, Andrew Wilson returned home to his family after a serious injury in Afghanistan. Our entire community has shown so much support to him, the streets are lined with hundreds of yellow ribbons, supporters lined the streets in pouring rain to welcome Andrew as he traveled to his home and members of the community have thoughtfully provided renovations to Andrew's home so that he can manuever throughout the house.

I have been closely following his story and had planned to take our kids to see the parade this morning but the showers kept us away since Henry is still so small. Carl took Evie swimming along the parade route and he said it was full of supporters. Everytime that I drive down our road lined with hundreds of yellow ribbons, I get goosebumps and my eyes tear up.
While pregnant with Evie, a good friend told me that becoming a mother was going to change how I viewed the world. That was a hard concept to grasp but it has become more real now that I am a mother to two innocent, precious children. What if this was my child? Carl and I want our children to make their mark on the world. Andrew has certainly made his mark and with a positive attitude as he works to regain his strength.

I spent the morning thinking of Andrew's parents and how they must feel as they welcome their son home from war. They are certainly proud of their son for giving himself to our country. They may be apprehensive about how to navigate everyday life as they make accommodations for their son who has  lost both his legs. Yet, hopeful that medical technology can give him a life that soldiers from previous generations could not have even dreamed of living after injury. What an incredible Christmas present, to return home to his family just time to celebrate the holidays.

Thank you Specialist Andrew Wilson for inspiring me to do more and for giving of yourself to our country!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jumping and Jesus!

Evie packed her own quarters so that she could ride the car.

Look at all that drool!

Evie had to join the picture but I sure am glad that she did.
Evie has been anticipating her date with Daddy for over a week. Carl took her to Monkey Joe's this morning for some jumping. AKA - nap time preparation so that Mommy and Daddy can get things done. They had a great time! I would have loved to see them in action. Evie jumped and jumped. Carl tried to get some popcorn for a snack and they were out. He commented that it was horrible that they were out and that's what Evie remembers about the outing. Carl said her eyes welled up with tears because she really wanted popcorn. That's a favorite snack for all of us! Apparently, there were more Honda Odyssey's in the parking lot than there is at the Honda Dealership. Evie loved being with her Daddy and I think that's so important. It was fun for me to go places with just my Dad when I was little and Evie loves it too. She napped really well after her morning of adventure. Mission accomplished!

I took Henry to the doctor and we are trying some new things. Keep your fingers crossed because I am not sure that I like where this is going. He bit his lip with his new tooth this afternoon. It's just a tiny sliver of white so far but it's the beginning of a tooth. Sharp enough to draw blood but barely visible.

Evie and I went to a live Nativity at a church nearby. I was not sure what to expect since this was my first visit to anything like this. It was well-done and Evie really enjoyed it. Some of her comments were so funny. She kept asking why the angel was not flying and why Baby Jesus was not real. Evie suggested that Henry play the role of baby Jesus but did not want her Daddy in the manger. Not sure where that connection came from except that Carl and Jesus share the same birthday. Evie's assignment of leader made her so happy especially since that job title came with a flashlight. The hot chocolate topped it off for Evie, she is definitely my daughter with her love for all things sweet.

Carl and I had a date night to Green Hills for dinner and a little shopping. He was not quite as impressed with The Container Store as me until he found a shoe caddy for our laundry room that will hold all the wet, muddy shoes that accumulate all winter long. Henry was still awake when we got home but he was happy as ever. It's been a fun day! Tomorrow will be another great day.