Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a great weekend and the best part is that it is not really over yet. Carl is taking off a few weeks which makes us all so happy! He will work from home some but he will mostly just get to hang out with us which is the best Christmas present of all.

Saturday did not get off to the best start because Henry did not want to sleep and I mean he really did not want to sleep. I went in his room at least ten times before going to bed myself  than he was up a few more times along with Evie. Our sweet Evie woke up at 2 in the midst of a night terror and was inconsolable that there was a butterfly in her room. I am not sure what made the butterfly seem so scary but she was not too happy about it at all. Carl even saw it. He had night terrors as a child too , so maybe they speak the same language. Evie finally calmed down enough to go lay down in bed with me but every time that I looked at her she was inspecting her fingertips to make sure the butterfly was not there. She finally exhausted herself and went back to her crib about 4. Everyone slept pretty late on Saturday morning after our eventful night!

I ran a few errands on Saturday and even found my wreaths. They look beautiful and we did a little more decorating inside the house. It's so much harder to get things done these days but that's okay there is plenty of time for an immaculate house. Now, is the time for crumbs on the table and blocks on the floor.

Evie slept for more than four hours at nap time after missing so much sleep.

She woke up just in time for our annual Japanese Steakhouse Dinner. Evie was so excited that her boys were joining us too. Our kids did great even with all the noise. Christian had his hands over his ears and Evie told me that she wanted to go home. They really enjoyed the show and it was fun to share our tradition with friends. Evie said, "yeah, he is going away" when the chef finished cooking. Hopefully, he did not hear that part. All three kiddos loved the chopsticks. Henry just hung out. He was pretty tired but he made it just fine.

We had another rough night on Saturday. Henry was not feeling too good and woke up so many times that I cannot even begin to tell you an actual count. He has not slept well today either so tomorrow he is going the pediatrician to see if she can get things moving for our poor little guy.

Carl and Evie made waffles this morning and then Evie and I watched a Christmas movie. Henry is really into his new train toy from his babysitter. He played with it most of the day.

Evie and I went on our own little adventure this afternoon. We went shopping for a present for Henry. You can probably imagine how this activity worked out for me. Evie wanted everything in the store but did finally select something for Henry. Santa Claus was at the store too so Evie was not so sure about tat. She did stop by long enough to let him know that she still wants "a pink bike, a pink easel and a super prize." Santa said that he would work on that for her. Evie thanked him for the pink candy cane and told him Merry Christmas. I asked Evie where she wanted to go next and she chose the grocery store. Poor thing does not get out much anymore if that is her activity of choice. Evie wanted to sit in the "ridey cart" so thankfully there was one available. I had so much fun with Evie and want to make more of an effort to do things with just Evie. She told me that she had so much fun which made me so happy. Evie talked about brother the entire time that were gone telling me where he could sit, what he likes and even wanted to know why he was not with us. Evie is a good big sister!

Carl had a rough time with Henry while we were gone but Henry was asleep when we got back. Carl made popcorn for dinner and we popped the kids in bed. Guess who is already awake again? He is growing a tooth but we think there may be more to this with our little guy. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Gosh, what a busy weekend! Your kids are just precious. Glad you found your wreath!

  2. I hope Henry will be feeling better soon. It never seemed to bother Avery as a baby, but two times recently were tough. Avery is getting a big girl room complete with crib! I prefer she be in a crib when we move, and then she'll have a baby brother. I'm hoping to do the switch in June when things are a tad calmer but we're going to go ahead and get her furniture.

  3. Sorry to hear that Henry's having some rough nights! I hope things get back to normal soon.


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