Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Our weekend got off to a bang with Carl returning home after a week long business trip! I was thrilled to see him walk through the door. Evie went nuts when she saw her Daddy. Of course, Henry rounded out the welcoming party.

Henry slept great on Friday night! We headed out to get a Christmas tree after Henry's nap on Saturday. Evie wanted to go to the "pee po" to get it so that's just what we did since Home Depot Christmas trees always seem to work out just fine for us. Evie was literally beside herself with excitement that she picked such a "bootiful" tree and asked me to thank her for doing such a good job. Evie announced that she was cold for the first time in her life. It's about time because it was in the 20's.

Evie worked with Carl to put the lights on the tree before going down for nap. After naps, we all decorated the tree with our ornaments which is always nostalgic for me. It does look "bootiful" and I love the clumps of ornaments that Evie clustered on the bottom section of the tree. She's so proud of her handiwork.

 Henry loved playing with the shiny, gold garland strands. Evie kept telling him that was NOT a baby toy.

It was so fun to watch Evie decorate the tree especially since she found it necessary to wear her hat and mittens while decorating.

Carl grilled a delicious pork roast for dinner and then we watched Christmas movie before calling it an early night. Thank goodness because Henry was up SIX times. Yes, 6! Carl pulled me out of bed for early church and I am glad that he did. It was a beautiful Lessons and Carols service. Henry fell asleep in the nursery so we just had Evie. It made me wonder what in the world was so hard about just having one child. Perspective, it changes everything! Evie was so sweet on the way home holding Henry's hand. She even told him when we were almost home.

I went out to do a little Christmas shopping this afternoon with Courtney! We had so much fun shopping for our kids and chatting at Starbucks. I hope to finish up this week so I can enjoy the last little bit enjoying Christmas without spending time in crowed malls and busy parking lots.

Carl and I made some soup for dinner. We had our traditional Sunday picnic in the den. That's always fun but messy. Evie enjoyed reading some books to Henry after dinner. I am about to get busy wrapping presents. Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. Your kids are so cute! Looks like a fun weekend. :)


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