Thursday, December 8, 2011

"He said yes."

Henry is so fortunate to have a sister that understands him so well. Evie is always willing to interpret on Henry's behalf which is quite convenient for me since I am not always quite sure about all that babble that comes out between the giggles.

I try to keep lots of banter going between me and Henry just like I did for Evie. Although, Evie does a much better job with her constant chatter. I ask Henry a question and she lets me know his answer. Usually, Evie says his answer is YES! Yes, Henry wants to go outside. Yes, Henry wants to watch a show. Yes, Henry wants to read a book.

Evie loves Henry so much except when she is not interested at all which tends to happen when there is anyone new around. Henry becomes second fiddle and she could not care less that he is even present. Evie is very protective of Henry and told me that she is "glad hims in in our family." Music to my ears! Evie has made a wonderful adjustment to her new role as Big Sister. She keeps up with his lovey, reminds me to hold him, and lets others know that he needs Mama. Evie has not shown any jealousy but wants me to attend to his every need before Henry is even sure there is a need. She likes to "help" wake him from naptime and change his diapers with a liberal amount of diaper rash cream. Evie really takes this big sister thing seriously! Henry thinks Evie is pretty great too. He gazes at her and smiles at her all day long.

Henry has been a little stopped up this week so I fed him some prunes. Evie was not impressed because she thought that Henry was being fed mud. Prunes do have a bit of a resemblance to mud. Evie decided to taste a bite just to be sure that Henry did have prunes on his spoon. She even liked them and decided to enjoy a few bites herself. Maybe that's why both kids have colds now. That's a small price to pay to watch their relationship grow. Evie told me tonight that she'd like two brothers because she is the sister!


  1. Evie sounds like a perfect big sister. You could never make this stuff up, it's just absolutely precious.

  2. SO SWEET! Aubrey adjusted really well to Jude too, but I'm worried that I won't have such an easy adjustment twice! Maybe you SHOULD consider another pregnancy so that Evie can have her two brothers! Ha! ;)

  3. I hope that Avery's transition goes as easily as Evie's seems to have. Whether bumpy or smooth though, it's all worth it.


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