Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fun weekend! It was a special weekend because Henry was baptized. I will write a separate post about the baptism later.

Friday, Carl worked in the yard and then hung lights outside. Evie loves having lights on her little house. He put colored lights out there because I prefer white lights inside and in the front of the house. We have done very little decorating but it's time for me to get busy. I made chocolate chip cookies while they were decorating and we had a few cookies outside. Henry loved seeing the lights!

Evie and Henry both slept until 7:30 on Saturday which was so nice for us. I went out to run a few errands while Carl held down the fort at home. His family arrived about lunchtime and we had a barbecue lunch with them. Evie was thrilled to see her cousins again. They played outside and had a picnic. My parents and brother arrived right after lunch. It was a warm day which made it even nicer to spend it outside. Evie and Henry both napped until 4:30 so everyone did different things while they slept. We made an easy dinner and had a nice family dinner at home.

My parents helped me get everything ready for Sunday and then we went to bed. Henry slept so well that night but Carl and I were not able to sleep. We went to early church and then came back home for brunch.

Carl's family left and my parents stayed one more night. We just hung out at home all afternoon. Evie and Henry both took short naps. Ben and I ran out for a bit and then we took a walk to see the lights in our neighborhood. It's so funny how my perspective has changed - things like this used to not be my style at all but I love that Evie loves it. She loves to go see the lights! It was even more fun to take our new double jogger from Kurt and Lollie.

We had a quick dinner and then the kids were off to bed. Ben spent the night making bowl game plans with his friends and my parents and I watched a movie. It was a fun night.

Evie had so much playing with her Ipop and Nana. They are much more entertaining than Mommy. They had breakfast picnics, read books, played Rapunzel, fished for Evie and Ben played outside with Evie a lot which is her favorite place to play these days. Evie was worn out from her busy weekend. We all took a nice long nap on this rainy Monday.

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