Friday, December 9, 2011

Pie in the Sky!

We had a fun outing this morning with our MOMS Club! Pie in the Sky was kind enough to give us pizza making lessons. It was a bit crazy but it was a blast! Chef Erik taught us the two rules of the kitchen - wash your hands and no running. I'll admit that just those two rules seemed like a bit much for our group. All of the moms rounded the kids up for a quick hand wash before heading into the kitchen.

We crammed more than twenty kids in the tiny kitchen and Chef Erik was fabulous! He knew just how to keep our kids entertained and they all enjoyed him so much. The large oven was a HUGE hit with the pre-school set. Evie told me she liked that "old Daddy" which cracked me up since he is probably not even my age.

The kids had a chance to roll out the dough, spread the sauce and throw on some toppings. It was one packed pie by the time everyone had a turn. Pie in the Sky had a large menu with lots of variety not usually found in a pizza restaurant.

Everyone ordered and the kids were given balls of dough which kept them busy for a bit. Henry just played with his feet. We all sat down to eat and enjoyed our delicious pizza. Evie was starving but thrilled that her friend Molly from school was there too. 

  Henry tried to swipe a piece of Evie's pizza right off her plate. I had a delicious salad with grapefruit, walnuts and apples. Can't wait to go back to Pie in the Sky with my family. It's true they really do have the best pizza in Nashville. Evie summed it us as we left, "that was good fun, Mama."

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