Friday, December 16, 2011

What a Week!

It's been a wild week at our house. Before Henry was born, Evie and I were on the go all the time. Now, it just seems easier to stay home and hang out than to load up two kids for adventures out and about. We had a lot of adventures this week and now it's time for a relaxing weekend.

Monday was the board meeting for MOMS club. Evie had fun playing with the other kids and Henry spent the time checking out his feet. We ran a few errands after the meeting since were already out but then headed home.

Tuesday is a school day so Henry and I headed out for a shopping frenzy. He is the best little shopper and is perfectly content hanging out in the stroller while I finished up our Christmas shopping. I had to take him out once in 4.5 hours but he was fine hanging out on my hip while I pushed the stroller through Pottery Barn. Carl had to go out of town again this week but was only gone two nights. It seemed like a lot after last week. Evie really missed him this time and kept telling me that she was so sad without her Daddy.

Wednesday was a fun day! We had our playgroup over for cookie decorating. My SIL, Lollie, had told me about cookie painting which is much more fun not to mention less messy than sprinkles. Cookie paint is about a cup of powdered sugar, a few tablespoons of milk and some food coloring.  The kids had a blast painting the cookies and the color stayed so vibrant even after it dried. We also decorated ice-cream cones with green frosting and candies to resemble Christmas trees. I will definitely try both of these activities again. A few kids were sick but it worked out because it can be chaotic having a house full of toddlers. Henry slept through the entire play date. We had a lazy afternoon and then Evie had a bath with a few glow sticks. I found this idea on Pinterest and she thought it was so cool. She stayed in the tub for an hour which gave me a chance to fold some clothes and play with Henry. I used to get a lot done when Carl was out of town when it was just me and Evie. Now, it seems a lot more difficult to cross things off my to-do list but I did enjoy lots of fun time with my kiddos.

Thursday, Henry had his sitter while Evie was at school. Courtney and I went out to breakfast at Firstwatch Cafe. It was our first time there but I am already anxious to go back. We had so much fun chatting and enjoying breakfast without the kiddos. I ran a few errands before picking up Evie. It was my goal to find a wreath. Wreaths seem to be difficult to find this year. I went to six places before finding one. It's a gorgeous boxwood wreath but is a little too small for my door. Hopefully, a wreath will be hanging from our front door before Christmas! Carl got back around 4:30 after driving more than 1,000 miles within two days. He was exhausted but pitched right in with the kiddos when he got home.

We finally made it to Friday! It was a rainy, gloomy day which made it perfect for a play date. The Porter's came over for lunch. Evie and Jacob had so much fun and Evie really showed a lot of interest in Anna. I think Anna liked being the big girl once Henry woke up from his nap. We had Pioneer Woman Chicken Chili for lunch and I thought it was delicious. It was a lot more flavorful than my usual recipe. I used canned beans because it's faster and easier. Other than that I just followed the recipe. Both kids napped a long time since it was raining so that gave me a chance to straighten up and check a few things off my  to-do list. Evie was extra sweet and fun today. Carl even noticed this once he got home. He grilled some pork for dinner and we had a fun family dinner. Evie has to have brother close by at all times. He was so close to her tonight that he sprayed her when she was changing his diaper. It was so funny! Henry has been super constipated for over two weeks. I have tried it all - prunes, pears, warm baths, temperature checks, tummy massage, water, juice and even a baby suppository. Poor little guy just does not want to go! I feel like we have spent the whole week talking "poop." Carl and I were discussing how this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "talking s***" - we just want our baby to be comfortable. Any suggestions? Evie was reading Henry books in bed this morning when she announced "Mommy, Henry not smell that good." It's bad people - really bad! Our sweet baby boy is not smelling too sweet but he is still Happy Henry. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Poor Henry! Avery had those same issues. She had to start on a prescription very early called Lactulose. It's just a simple sugar (so no actual medicine I think). She stayed on it a long time and now we use as necessary. A recent antibiotic and wearing big girl underwear have caused problems with holding it lately. Sweet potatoes seem to really help her as well. None of the other food remedies ever provided much relief.


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