Thursday, December 1, 2011

Operation Bottle!

Operation Bottle has commenced at our house! Henry has tolerated the bottle pretty well until today. He was not interested at all in the bottle for the entire 5 hours that I was gone. Karen felt horrible but Henry did eat some cereal for her. I am slightly concerned about what is going to happen tonight but I have fed him lots this afternoon to make up for the missed feeding. This makes me apprehensive because this exact thing happened with Evie too. Evie never took a bottle after five months but that is not going to work with Henry. We will keep working on this once or twice a day to help him get the hang of it. Carl is giving him a bottle right now and you'd think he had never seen a bottle before - that's Henry not Carl. I have lots of suggestions filed away on how to encourage a baby to take a bottle so it's time to go find those.

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  1. let me know what works....laney STILL refuses!!! it is SO frustraing!!!
    she took a bottle her first few months, but since around month 4 or so, she has outright refused, no matter who is giving it to her or what kind of bottle it is. so she is my little sidekick everywhere i go.
    i was hoping once she started on babyfood she might be a little more prone to try a bottle again, :(
    libbi took one no problem (of course i was working then so she HAD to) and would nurse or drink pumped milk from a bottle with no problem so this refusal from laney is SO new to me!


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