Friday, December 23, 2011

Almost Christmas!

We are getting so excited that it's almost Christmas. Evie is counting down for Santa's arrival and ready to make Jesus a birthday cake. It's going to be a fun Christmas with our little girl.

Carl's parents arrived late yesterday afternoon. Evie was happy to see them and promptly began bossing them around. I have no idea where she gets all that bossiness.

We had an easy, simple dinner last night and then watched the Christmas special at Belmont University. It was beautiful at least what I saw of it. Henry's reflux is aggravated by his constipation which has made for some interesting times around the house. He is such a happy baby even when he does not feel his best. Henry slept so well last night better than he has since Thanksgiving. Keeping my fingers crossed that he gives me an encore performance tonight.

Our morning was spent hanging out at home while Henry napped then we headed out for lunch at Local Taco. Carl and I love the food there. What a treat to enjoy such yummy food for lunch! Evie did great and ate her fair share of guacamole along with a few black beans. We came home for naps although Henry did not nap so much this afternoon.

Evie took forever to get to sleep but she finally fell asleep around 2. We made cookies for Santa after her nap. She cracks me up with her creativity in the kitchen! Of course, she had to sample some frosting as she decorated. Only a few sprinkles landed on the floor with the help of a tablecloth under the table.

Carl's dad prepared dinner for us and it was wonderful! Pasta with tomatoes and Italian sausage.  We had a nice dinner and then put the kids to bed early since everyone was so tired.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Carl and I are really looking forward to experiencing the magic of Christmas with Evie. Kids make Christmas even more special.


  1. It will be so exciting for you this year, Evie is at such a wonderful age. Merry Christmas!

  2. As a pregnant woman, I greatly sympathize with poor Henry. Enjoy all the family. I can't wait to see what Santa brings Evie. It is so exciting this year!


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