Monday, December 5, 2011

5 Months!

Dear Henry,

  You are 5 months and growing so fast. I was looking at your sweet little hands and noticed that they are not so little anymore but they are the perfect size to me. You love to hold hands and grasp on to everything that you can get your hands on with quite the grip.

You are wearing mostly 9 month clothes because you are a little turkey - nice and plump. Your diapers are size 3 and we still go through lots of those. You eat every 3-4 hours but get quite distracted by everything around you including your own hands and feet. Eating goes much better in a quiet room which can be hard to do with an exuberant big sister. Bottles are hit or miss. Nana successfully fed you two bottles this weekend so we will keep practicing. It's nice to know that you will take a bottle when necessary. You are eating rice cereal and applesauce plus you had your first taste of prunes yesterday. I think you liked them! You still have a very sensitive little tummy and I have to be really careful about my diet. I hope you outgrow this because it's going to be really hard to monitor your food so closely once you begin eating more solid food.

You are a wonderful napper but still wake up several times per night. Some nights are really tough but most of the time it's not that hard since you are such a sweet little guy. We have tried shorter naps, later bedtimes, more food and everything else but have decided that you just like to see me in the night. You eat and go right back to sleep so  I am not up for long at all. Of course, I'd love to get some more sleep so maybe we can stretch those spurts out a bit.

You had an exciting month! You went on your first plane ride to Nana and Ipop's house. I think you liked it because you just looked around and smiled at everyone you met. You also had your first extended car trip to Charleston. We had so much fun showing you and Evie all around Charleston. You took a really good nap on the carriage tour and loved sticking your toes in the cold ocean water. We spent Thanksgiving with She She and Poppy. Daddy told me before you were born that we were not going to travel until Thanksgiving and that's pretty much what we did. You did so well though that Daddy is already thinking about our next trip. I am still trying to recover from last week.

You can sit up for very short spurts by yourself and have rolled over a few times. Evie keeps you busy as she darts around the house, your little eyes follow to see where she is going. Soon, you will be darting around with her but you are content to watch her for now.

Henry, you are such a calm, happy baby. You almost never cry and when you cry it's because you need something. Everything fascinates you especially your feet and the television. Evie never watched TV until she was almost 2 and you are constantly trying to catch a glimpse of anything that you can. Football seems to be one of your favorites.

You love your play gym and will sit in your exersaucer for a long time. It's fun to watch you learn to do new things and you are learning so many things right now. You love to read books, sing songs and giggle like crazy when something makes you laugh.

We love you so much and are so happy to have you in our family! You are so very special to us and we love you more than you will ever know until you have your own baby one day.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. I was meaning to comment on your post too about the similarities in Jessica and Henry's sleep! We've also tried shorter naps, earlier/later bedtimes, etc, but nothing seems to work. On a "good" night she still wakes up three times.

    Jess is also a very relaxed/happy baby, but won't take bottles, much like your sweet boy. Lucky for Jessica I'm unable to pump large amounts, so bottle feedings aren't really an option right now. I'm glad to hear Henry's taken a few bottles since "Operation Bottle"!

    If you want to introduce colour-mixing to Evie, I would definitely recommend a painter's palette similar to Emily's. It's perfect for stirring and keeping the paint contained, and also very easy to clean. I found mine at Michael's (in the painters' section, not kids').


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