Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas! Evie seems to be at the perfect age for the excitement of the season and Henry enjoyed his new view. He is really enjoying sitting on his own and plays happily with his toys.

Evie woke up around 7:15 and was ready to see what Santa brought her. She was so sweet when she saw her gifts. Carl and I really had blast as she made all kinds of comments about Santa bringing her just what she wanted and then she said "thank you Santa."

After, she played with her Santa toys for a bit, Evie remembered her stocking and led me by the hand to the den. Santa brought her lots of fun things in her stocking, chopsticks, Pez, socks, and a light up toothbrush. Henry liked his stocking too. Santa must know that Henry is growing two teeth because he brought Henry some teething toys and a new hat to keep his ears warm this winter.

Evie and Henry opened their gifts from She She and Poppy. Evie loves her new pink coat! Although, her favorite toy from them was the trunk of dress-up clothes. She was had a ball dressing as a princess for the past few days. Henry likes his new soft blanket and squishy toy. We had a quick breakfast before Carl's parents headed to Atlanta to see their other grandchildren, Mary and Lucy.

We opened gifts as a family and played with Evie's new toys while Henry napped. My parents and brother arrived around lunchtime. Evie and Henry were thrilled to see everyone. Nap time went well for Evie not so well for Henry.

Present opening round 2 occurred right after nap time.Evie and Henry both received so many wonderful gifts. Evie told me that her favorites were her vacuum and a pink camera. Henry seems to really like his tool box and cars.

Carl prepared a delicious beef tenderloin for dinner. Baked potatoes, fresh green salad and rolls rounded out our Christmas meal. My mom made caramel apple cake for Carl for his birthday. It was our first family meal in the dining room since we moved in over two years ago. Carl and I have both had meals in there before but not together. Dining rooms are not the most utilized rooms these days but it was nice to enjoy Christmas dinner in the dining room.

Christmas 2011 was wonderful for our family! We appreciate our families coming to us so that we can build traditions in our home with Henry and Evie. Our house is a disaster, our tummies are full, and lots of memories were made. Kids really do make Christmas more fun as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and spend time with those who are special to us.


  1. It was so fun to look at your pictures! Sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas. Henry looks like such a big boy with his sitting and standing!

    p.s. There's a small typo at the end of your post -- you wrote Christmas 2001!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love the dress-up clothes and wonder if Avery would enjoy some. I can't believe how grown Henry looks. Avery got that activity table from the Easter Bunny her first Easter. We got lots of use out of it and hope to get lots more. Is Evie interested in Henry's things? I'm waiting to see how that plays out here.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I think it will bring even more fun to your household as Henry gets older.


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