Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome Home, Andrew Wilson

That's the big news here today, Andrew Wilson returned home to his family after a serious injury in Afghanistan. Our entire community has shown so much support to him, the streets are lined with hundreds of yellow ribbons, supporters lined the streets in pouring rain to welcome Andrew as he traveled to his home and members of the community have thoughtfully provided renovations to Andrew's home so that he can manuever throughout the house.

I have been closely following his story and had planned to take our kids to see the parade this morning but the showers kept us away since Henry is still so small. Carl took Evie swimming along the parade route and he said it was full of supporters. Everytime that I drive down our road lined with hundreds of yellow ribbons, I get goosebumps and my eyes tear up.
While pregnant with Evie, a good friend told me that becoming a mother was going to change how I viewed the world. That was a hard concept to grasp but it has become more real now that I am a mother to two innocent, precious children. What if this was my child? Carl and I want our children to make their mark on the world. Andrew has certainly made his mark and with a positive attitude as he works to regain his strength.

I spent the morning thinking of Andrew's parents and how they must feel as they welcome their son home from war. They are certainly proud of their son for giving himself to our country. They may be apprehensive about how to navigate everyday life as they make accommodations for their son who has  lost both his legs. Yet, hopeful that medical technology can give him a life that soldiers from previous generations could not have even dreamed of living after injury. What an incredible Christmas present, to return home to his family just time to celebrate the holidays.

Thank you Specialist Andrew Wilson for inspiring me to do more and for giving of yourself to our country!

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  1. We were there in the rain. It was a day to remember. Never been more proud to call Brentwood 'home'!


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