Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Henry's Baptism

Henry received the sacrament of Holy Baptism on Sunday, December 4. He was a doll and the service was nearly two hours. I took him out once to get him to sleep because he was rubbing his eyes - then it got heavy holding him but he was so peaceful that it was fine.

Evie stayed in the nursery with her friend, Campbell. They had a ball and it was so much easier for us not to have to worry about our Evie during Henry's special day. Father Jerry loved holding Henry. Henry received a bible and a special candle to remember his baptism. Henry wore the baptismal gown that Carl wore which was so special.

Our parents came along with our brothers and sister-in law, Lollie and our nieces, Mary and Lucy. Christian, Courtney, Christian and Campbell were kind enough to join us too.

After church, we attempted a few pictures, I was ready to go since my bundle of joy was so heavy and my hair was a hot mess since I did not have access to my hands to brush it out of my face. Evie was not so interested in having her picture taken either but we did manage to capture the day.

Everyone came back to our house for brunch. Carl's parents helped with the brunch as their gift to Henry. It turned out so nicely. Puffy Muffin is always a good choice. Everyone enjoyed brunch and Henry slept through most of the festivities. It was a gorgeous day so the children were able to play outside.

Dessert was delicious and dairy-free. It was chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. I will be sure to remember Katy for all my cake needs. Her secret ingredient was oil and the cake was so moist not to mention beautiful.

It was a wonderful day marking Henry as Christ's own forever. Baptism is just the beginning of his commitment as a Christian but it is an important beginning. Carl and I were so appreciative of everyone coming to celebrate Henry's special day.


  1. That cake is GORGEOUS!!!!! I love a monogram! ;)

    We love the Angus Barn too!!!

  2. It sounds like your day was very special.

  3. Love Henry's Christening gown! And you all look beautiful! I can't wait for this day for Davis at All Saints and I'm sure we'll do the baby dedication here at the Forest Hills Baptist to reprent Phillip. And Sara is right, that is a gorgeous cake.

    PS- our package arrived today! LOVE it! His first personalized gift. Your official thank you is already in the mail! Thank you!


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