Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Anna

Evie has slept the day away. I feel like I barely saw her because she slept all day long. She has slept late since we returned from North Carolina but this morning she slept until 8:30. What a blessing! It was nice to have a chance to read the paper and drink my tea before starting the day with my busy bee.

    We quickly had some breakfast before heading out in the rain to see the Porter's. It was a yucky day but I told Evie that she was going to be so excited to see the baby. Evie was not so sure about everything when we first arrived. She was so clingy and whiny but settled down after a yummy lunch. Kristin always makes the best recipes. Evie is a HUGE fan of the toffee dip for the apples. Baby Anna is such a sweet girl. She sleeps in her bassinet and we barely even notice that she is there. Evie was never that easy but she's always been a sweet girl. Jacob loves his baby sister. We had a great morning with our friends and are so glad that Kristin and Anna are healthy.

    Evie napped all afternoon. I finally woke her up at 4;30 so she'd sleep tonight. We had a little snack and built a few castles. Carl came home to see us for a few minutes before his dinner meeting. Evie was so excited to see him and show him our neighbors lights. Evie LOVES all the Christmas lights and knows where the best houses are in the neighborhood. She says, "see lights" before we even get there.

   Evie started calling water by the correct name this afternoon. She has been calling it "wa wa" so it's so good to hear her calling it water. Of course, I knew she would not call it "wa wa" forever but it's amazing to see her changing literally before our eyes.

    Evie is still coughing a little so I decided to put the humidifier in her room. Let's just say that she was not impressed! Evie is very sensitive and likes things just the way she likes them. Evie noticed that big green frog in the corner of her room right away. I let her get used to it by letting her pet it, hug it and kiss it. It was good sign to see her getting Raffi to kiss the frog too. I figured it was fine but when I turned off the light, Evie was scared because of the light on the humidifier. She was not excited to get in her crib and wanted me to put her at the opposite end of the crib as far as possible from the frog. I came downstairs and noticed on the monitor that she was peering at her humidifier very closely through her crib. She settled down quickly and went to sleep so let's hope the humidifier works some magic for her tonight.  I did not take any pictures again today but will try harder tomorrow so the grandparents don't revolt.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lazy Day

Evie and I enjoyed a lazy day on the couch at home. It was wonderful although our house is a disaster. Evie is the sweetest little person and I just love spending my days with her. She's talking up a storm, becoming opinionated about everything and helps out a  lot around the house. I love to see stacking her diapers in the basket, putting the trash bag in the can and folding clothes. What a BIG girl!

   It's been rainy and yucky all day so it was a good day to stay put around the house. Evie helped me make Beef Stroganoff for dinner and it turned out pretty well. We were so happy to see Carl when he got home. Evie greets him at the door every night with lots of hugs and kisses.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my parents this year. It was good to have a few days of rest! Evie had a blast and kept us all in stitches. I wish that I had taken more pictures but it seems more difficult to take pictures outside of our home since Evie is into everything these days.

Evie enjoyed her Thanksgiving lunch very much especially the cranberry jello salad. She also loved the dessert! I just asked her what her favorite part was about Thanksgiving and she told me, "pie." She's definitely my daughter!

  We have so many things to be thankful for in our lives. Carl and I have wonderful families, a healthy daughter, a beautiful warm house to live in, lots of friends and of course each other!

  Ipop and Nana babysat Evie while we went to see a movie. Carl and I saw Love and Other Drugs. It was good but not exactly what we expected. We came home for some turkey and bacon sandwiches. YUMMY! That's my favorite part about Thanksgiving except for my mom's dressing. I ate about 5 pieces of that on Turkey Day.

   Friday was a yucky day but we squeezed in a quick trip to see Evie's castle. She was so excited to see it and had fun for a few minutes before it started raining. My Dad went to Shelby to get us some Bridge's Barbecue. Carl likes to sample barbecue everywhere he goes so we usually have some barbecue on our visits to see my parents.

  My mom surprised me with a metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox just like the one that I had when I was little. I have been giving her grief about that thing for years but now that I am a mom it's easy to see you cannot save everything! Evie loves this lunchbox and thermos. She likes to drink out of the thermos and puts things in and out of the box. It's exactly like the one that I had many years ago and enjoyed so much. I can still remember drinking chocolate milk out of it at preschool.

   Evie loved all the attention that she got from her grandparents and Uncle Ben. She likes being the star of the show.

  We left on Saturday morning and met Carl's parents for some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. It was great to see them and enjoy some hot doughnuts. We are pretty sure that the hot sign does not work in Brentwood since it's only been on twice since we moved here. Hot Krispy Kremes are one of my favorite treats. Evie loved her doughnut too and had fun seeing SheShe and Poppy.

   Evie is the best little traveler. It is amazing because she does way better than we do in the car. That makes our LONG drive much easier. Give the girl her baby doll, a snack and a few books and she is set. She took an early nap in the car so we stopped for a late lunch. Our lunch was delicious but I got pretty sick from it. I hope to be back to 100% tomorrow since Carl will be back at work. We are just so glad that Evie ate Carl's food yesterday instead of mine.

    Evie took good care of me and so did Carl. We had a pretty low-key day at home after our Thanksgiving travels. Hope you had a wonderful time and had the chance to spend some time with your family while thinking about all that you have to be thankful for in life.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sick Girl

Poor Evie is still feeling under the weather. Her nose is running like crazy. It's running so much that she has learned how to blow her own nose. She loves Kleenex and thinks it's so fun to have her own little pack of tissue.

   We stayed at home most of the day but went out to get a smoothie after naptime. Evie has not been easting at all so I decided that would be an easy way to get some nutrients in her little body. She looked like such a big girl carrying her own little cup out of the store. Evie sucked that smoothie down in just a few minutes.

    We went into CVS quickly to get a few supplies to help Evie. The pharmacist gave me a few suggestions so let's hope she will feel better in the morning. Evie was so interested in the Dr. Scholl's foot machine. One of the customers was using the machine which made Evie decide to try it out herself. She asked me to get out of the cart and took off her shoes to get on the machine. It was so funny to see her trying to figure out her foot problems.

    It was warm today so we played outside for a few minutes and a window salesman came by our house. I listened to his pitch and Evie made friends with him quite quickly. He told me that he has been selling windows longer than I have been alive.

      We had delicious Seinfeld chili courtesy of our meal swap. It was so yummy and Evie enjoyed dipping her chips. Carl got home a little later than normal so we had already finished dinner. We played in the den with Evie for a bit and then he put her to bed. Nothing too exciting but we had a good day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

It was one long weekend at the Niemeyer Nest! Carl went camping with his college friends and Evie was home with me. She has had a yucky cold for a few days with lots of colorful drainage. I am pretty sure she is getting better now so let's hope tomorrow will be a better day!

  We stayed home most of the weekend. Yesterday, late afternoon was really tough because Evie decided to skip a nap for the first time in her life. Great timing! We had to get out the house so we headed to Target and to get a cupcake. Evie was saying cupcake all the way home. That's an important word!

    Our neighbors invited us over for breakfast but we decided to stay put to be sure Evie did not infect anyone with her little cold. We have played with every toy in our house, read every book and attempted multiple projects to entertain the girl. Thank goodness, Daddy came home!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy Day!

Evie and I had a busy day but all our days seem busy. We start them all off the same with a hot breakfast, stories in bed and lounging on the couch with all of our babies. I looked over this morning between sips of tea to see Evie hanging out with two doll babies, Raffi and a puppy dog. She loves to cuddle!

   We went to do something special this morning but it's a gift so we cannot tell but I love how it turned out! I have wanted to do this since before I had a baby so I am so excited about it. We had an appointment along with the rest of Nashville and had so much fun!

   Then, we made a quick trip to the grocery store because our cupboards were bare. I have gotten in a bad habit of just buying enough for a few days which means I am dragging myself to the store several times a week. Let's hope that I can get back to meal planning after Thanksgiving. We have plenty of meals frozen but needed milk, juice, bread and some snacks.

   Evie and I met some friends for lunch at Bread & Company. Make sure you go if you are ever in Nashville. Evie and I shared honey pecan chicken salad, broccoli salad and sun dried tomato pasta salad. Evie was a fan of the broccoli salad and kept asking for more "broc-lee." 

 It's a little girly but there were a few men in there. Evie loves to eat off the tiny spoons and had the best time scooping her food off the plate. It kept her entertained for an hour which gave me time to visit. Evie also had fun with Baby Elise and wanted to rock her baby seat so badly. She kept trying while saying, wheee, wheee which I found pretty cute.

 Naptime took a bit to get going since she was wild from our morning adventure. She finally fell asleep after two visits from Mommy. We were supposed to be at our neighbors at 4 for a play date but Evie was still asleep. Sleeping Beauty did not wake up until 4:30 which worked out perfectly since we were going for dinner. It was so fun and I am just thrilled to have some great new neighbors with young children. Courtney made a fabulous dinner and we had a fantastic time. Evie loves her boys and they treat her just like the princess that she thinks she is by giving into her every whim and desire. It's so cute. We had a blast! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

MMO and Meal Swap

It has been a cold and blustery day with not even a hint of sunshine. Evie got to wear her new precious coat to school this morning. She had fun with her friends and when I picked her up she was busy putting Raffi in and out of the mailbox. I went to 'Tis the Season at The Factory to see what type of gifts I could cross off my list. There were lots of cute things!

  Evie and I came home for a little playtime before lunch. We both napped and then I made the baked ziti for the meal swap. Evie woke up with a fever which makes me nervous since it's so rare for her. She has only had a fever a handful of times in her life. I gave her some fever medication and then we headed out the door to swap meals with the other moms. Kids stay in the car and we just switch really fast so Evie enjoyed sipping on her water-juice while I picked up my meals.

   We came home and Evie was feeling much better already. She was so excited when her Daddy got home from work. They had a sweet reunion this morning but she was even happier to see him this afternoon because she knew he was home from work. She was intent on showing Carl her little person that she made at Brilliant Sky. Evie is so proud of it and has shown it to every person that has been in our house this week.

   We had our first meal tonight. It was minestrone soup and shredded beef sandwiches. Delicious and so simple since all I had to do was heat it up. I love meal swapping!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sous Chef

Evie really has the makings of a little cook. She made cinnamon toast for breakfast and she sprinkled the cinnamon perfectly. Her favorite part was putting the top off and on the cinnamon sugar. She kept going to the oven to check on her toast. It turned out so yummy.

   We went to Harris Teeter this morning and Evie was thrilled to see the car cart was available. She had a blast in the cart with the little red car on the bottom. It was our first time with that car but she has given lots of jealous looks to other kids in that same cart on many occasions. I prefer the carts where she rides high to drive since she swiped a few boxes of spaghetti since she happening to be sitting in prime position to grab items off the shelf. Other than that she focused on driving around the store.

   We had Kindermusik this morning which is always fun. Evie was so excited to see Baby Gregory there again this morning with his Big Sister.

   I spent nap time making the red sauce for the baked ziti for our meal swap. Tomorrow, I will make the white sauce and the cook the pasta. I love this recipe and sure hope everyone else does too. It's so exciting to think that tomorrow this time there will be 6 delicious homemade meals sitting in my freezer to use during this busy time of year.

   We met some friends at Gymboree for Open Gym this afternoon. Evie remembered just what to do and had a great time. She made friends with a little guy named Ben and really liked his socks because they looked like shoes.

  Carl has been in Denver and is on the way back right now! Evie and I decided to stop at Publix for a sub on the way home. Head to Publix and get there special turkey bacon sub with cranberry relish. It is amazing even Evie concurs.

   Evie helped me make some pumpkin dip after dinner for her teachers at school. You should have seen her face when she sampled the whipped topping.  We are so thankful for Ms. Lori and Ms. Linda for taking such good care of our Evie and giving her lots of cuddles! Teachers are so important and I want to make sure they know we appreciate them so much.  Evie and I sampled the dip with a few graham crackers and it is so tasty.

   We had such a great day together. I just love this age and think it's so wonderful. Everyday I say it but it's so true - Evie is so much fun!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

22 Months Old!

Evelyn Claire, you are 22 Months old today! Only two more months until you turn 2. It's been another amazing month with you in our family. Daddy and I love you so much. You are at such a fun age right now. Everyday, you learn new words and you are able to communicate your needs to us most of the time. I love hearing your sweet little voice saying new things. My favorite thing you say is "unh unh and okay." Everything is always okay except when it is not. You like to buckle your baby but you call it "guckle." Blocks are your favorite and we build lots of castles. You have an excellent memory and can recall so many experiences. We pulled in the garage this morning and you pointed at the rake and announced rake to me. You are a good little raker and like to help your Daddy in the yard.

    You weigh about 28 pounds and wear 24 month clothes. Your hair is still blond and your eyes are very blue. You love your baby dolls and take such good care of them. We went to a playdate this morning and they had a baby girl. You rotated your baby in and out of every single baby station and changed your baby when the real baby was being changed. You crouch down really close to your baby and say the funniest things. Sometimes, it's like we are running an in-home daycare because you spend a lot of time feeding, changing, holding your babies. Baby sits in the highchair when you are not using it and you are very careful to "guckle" her in so she will be safe.

  Shoes are your favorite accessory. We change shoes multiple times throughout the day and you are already very opinionated about what shoes work best with your outfits. Sometimes, we even agree on your choice. I have started hiding your shoes so we can eliminate so much time on wardrobe changes. It's so fun to have a little girl to buy pretty clothes for and I love that you love pretty clothes. Now, it's time for Mommy to get some pretty clothes too.

You are still a really good eater and love to eat what we are eating. Pizza is a popular choice and you have started picking off the pepperoni. Juice boxes are popular too and make for a special treat. Bedtime is at 7 and you wake up at 7 . . . most of the time. Naptime is three hours and you go down without a fuss ready to see your Raffi and blanket.

    Reading books is one of our most special times. You take a pile of books and cuddle up on our bed ready to read to your baby. You will sit on the bed for thirty minutes just happy as can be with your books. I love to see you enjoying books so much and hope it continues throughout your life.

         I love how you scrunch up your nose when you smile. You have really learned to ham it up and can make us laugh so easily. Music makes you throw your arms up in the air and you start showing off your moves. It's really cute to see this and it happens in the car, the mall, anywhere there is music. You make the same sound between songs every time and you are always so relieved to hear another song come on so you can keep dancing.

    Out is one of your most common words and it means out and off in your language. You tell me "out" when you want your clothes off or want down from your highchair. We love to hear you say "please" and you are like most toddlers and think your wish should be granted if you use that special word. Most of the time, we cannot resist that sweet little smile and your adorable voice saying please. Our new neighbors are really fun and you like the big boy a lot. He goes to preschool the same day you do and we always see them leaving. I told you that Christian was going to school too and you said, "bye boy." So cute! Evie, you can pick out every school within a 5 mile radius of our house.

    You call yourself "Eh E" and use your name in conversation with your baby. I love to hear you say your own name. You certainly hear it enough throughout the day. Evie, couches are for sitting. Evie, feet on the floor. Evie, hitting hurts. Evie, eat your lunch. Evie, I love you so much! You have caught on to your name and it makes me so happy.    You are mostly outgoing but have some struggles with people who get in your space especially men. A man entered what you had determined was your personal space yesterday and it made you so uncomfortable that you started crying and the man felt so badly. Baby Girl, you have to realize that you are not the only person in the world  and people are allowed to look at items on the shelf near where you are standing in the store. Mommy always tries to make you feel better when you are worried.

   We have noticed that you are becoming very aware of your surroundings and what happens in our house. Daddy made his coffee the other morning and forgot to take it with him on his way out the door. You shouted "tea" to remind him to pick up his cup. All hot drinks are tea. You are so thoughtful to help us remember to put the towel under your highchair and know that it has to be there before you can eat. It's so funny to see you put your sippycup on a coaster just like your parents. Nana bought you a College of Charleston shirt before you were even born. You wore it today and I told you all about it.  Later, we were reading a book Good Night, Charleston and you pointed at your shirt every time I said Charleston. You pick up things very quickly and are so very smart.

    What a delightful daughter you are! We are absolutely smitten with you and could not love you more if we tried. Everyday, we find something new to love about you and spend our days showing you that we will always have unconditional love for you. That means even if you dye your hair purple, we will still love you more than you will ever know. Let's be honest though, I would not be too excited about seeing your beautiful blond hair in any hue of purple.

    Evie, you are such a blessing and we thank God for you every single day. It continues to be an honor to be your parents. We look forward to the next month with you. The months keep going faster and faster but they are guaranteed to be full of adventure with you.

Love Always,

Mommy and Daddy

Monday, November 15, 2010


Saturday was such a wonderful day! I went to visit the Porter's new baby, Anna. Carl stayed with Evie because she loves babies a little too much. Anna was gorgeous and sweet. She did not make a peep the entire time that I was there. Jacob is a wonderful big brother! It was so nice to visit with Kristin and see her up and about after months on bed rest.

  Carl and Evie were ready to see me when I got home. We had a little picnic outside to enjoy the gorgeous day. It was perfect! Evie remembered to take her highchair outside but we told her she could sit in the big girl chairs. She thought that was so special. We took a little rest in the hammock after lunch and it was so fun hanging out with our Evie.

  After nap time, we went to Green Hills to get Carl some new pants for work. He does not really like shopping at all but he really needed some new pants. I love seeing all the decorations and Evie had fun too until towards the end. Our last stop was Pottery Barn Kids and she had so much fun playing with the kitchen sets, vacuum cleaners and hanging out in all the chairs that she just did not want to get back in the stroller. A few minutes of fussiness and a box of tic tacs and she was fine. It was pretty late by this point and we were ready for some dinner. We decided to stop at Five Guys. Evie was not impressed with her grilled cheese but LOVED my cheeseburger. She also really liked the complimentary peanuts and enjoyed a tangy lemon. Evie loves lemons! We came home and played with Evie for a bit before she went off to bed. We ordered a kitchen set and a little chair for Evie for Christmas. I am so excited about her pretty pink kitchen and hope she likes it as much as I do. Carl was not so sure about it being pink. However, since it will be in her room, pink made the most sense.

    Evie woke up at 5:45. AHHHH. Thank goodness, after a quick cuddle she went back to sleep until 9. Alleluia! We all needed the rest. I spent most of the day on the couch with some type of 24 hour bug. I am feeling much better today and am glad that Carl was home yesterday to take care of Miss Evie.

  Evie had an impromtu bubble bath this morning because it was just the easiest way to clean her up. She had so much fun and has been asking for bubbles ever since she got out of the tub. Evie and I met our MOM's Club at Brilliant Sky Toys and Books this morning. We were really impressed. They offer free story time and messy art projects for groups in all stores and our store offers this to the public every Friday as well. Evie was so excited to see her friends and had a grand time playing with all the toys. She really likes Brilliant Sky!

  Nap time is still happening so I need to go get busy. It's Mom's Night Out tonight and I cannot wait. Happy Monday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Playdate and Lunch Date with Daddy

What a gorgeous November day! Evie and I had Devin come over this morning while his mom went to a parade at her daughter's school. Devin and Evie see other multiple times per week and it's been a long road to get them to be friends. You should see the looks they give each other - it's hysterical. They have decided that they like each other after some one on one time this morning. Evie was very worried about Devin's water bottle and kept chasing him around trying to give it to him. She also kissed him right on the lips. Oh dear! Evie is going to be a handful! We had fun playing this morning and it's easier for have two toddlers than one because they entertain each other.

  Evie and I went for a walk this morning, visited a neighborhood garage sale and played outside. Our weather has just been amazing and I know that I need to enjoy it while it's so beautiful.

   We met Carl for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Evie was just thrilled to see her Daddy in the middle of the day. She snuggled with him while we waited for our table and sat next to him in the booth. Evie loves salsa but was surprised to find a hot spot in our bowl. Poor little thing needed something to drink. She did not want milk at all so she had her first sprite. She's had a sip or two before but she was beside herself to have her very own cup. It was pretty cute and I was happy to see her drink her cup of milk on the way home.

     What an afternoon . . . maybe it was that sprite but she was a wild monkey. That's just her personality though. We played outside and did a few things inside. She helped me a lot with the laundry by taking each of her pieces of clothing to her crib.

    Evie and I were both so happy to see Carl walk in the door. It's been a day and I am worn out from my sweet girl.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Play Day!

Evie played all day! She had fun at MMO and was front and center with the bubbles when I picked her up. I heard her shouting bubble with glee but she was happier to see me than the bubbles. We had a fun day but it's getting interesting getting her dresses these days. She has her own ideas about what is going to work for her and we usually have a difference of opinion. Evie wanted to wear my black boots this morning instead of her Keds. It's going to be a long time before I plan to share my shoes with Evie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Puffy Muffin and a Playdate

Evie and I are really enjoying our long mornings since my sweet girl has been waking up an hour earlier all week. By 10:00, we are both ready for a change of scenery. We made a quick trip to Harris Teeter this morning. Then, made a beeline across the street to Hot Pink and Puffy Muffin. Evie seems like such a big girl walking into the store holding my hand. I told her that she could have any cookie that she wanted and she selected a pumpkin cookie complete with orange frosting. Evie is our little cookie monster.

   We had Kindermusik this morning and Evie walks in like she knows just what to do. She started saying "wa wa" in the parking lot because she loves Ms. Jan's water fountain. We had a fun class and the kids are really getting to know each other. I just love this girl Jane in the class. She looks quite vintage and is so adorable. Jane was so proud to have her baby brother in class today and kept asking us if he wanted to see her baby. Of course, Evie was ready to see Henry.

    Evie crashed and I cleaned the house a bit for our play date. Evie was excited to see her friends but was tuckered out by the end. Amanda and Carol are back to work now so we do late afternoon play dates. It turns out that Evie was hungry so I fed her some dinner and that perked her up back up.

   Carl came home which made Evie's day and mine too. I was ready for a little break. We are watching the CMA's now and it's so cool to think this is happening in our town!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Give Me Just a Little More Time!

Evie woke up bright and early again this morning. We got her out of the crib at 6:30 and she was so excited to greet the day. Waking up that early makes the morning seem really long.

We had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast of waffles and tea with a few minutes of Curious George. Evie drinks her tea but it is orange with Vitamin C. She wants to be just like us!

We met some friends for coffee at the Frisky Berry. Evie and I had not been there for awhile and it's a lot harder to take our kiddos now that they are mobile. We were running all over the place after our kiddos. Evie and I stopped at the bathroom on the way out and she immediately noticed some really cool shoes peeking out of the stall next to us. Evie announces in a VERY loud voice, " she potty." Thank goodness, the lady did not seem to notice.

We came home to enjoy the beautiful weather. Evie put Raffi on the roller coaster and kept checking on him to make sure he was okay. It was so cute to see her being a mother to her lovey. She is so nurturing even to pink spotted giraffes.

Evie ate lunch and played with her babies before nap time. She must have been exhausted because she slept until after 4. I enjoyed watching a few minutes of Oprah's interview with George Bush. History has a way of showing our presidents in a different light and I found him quite personable.

Carl called to tell me that he was on the way home. I said to Evie,"guess who is on the way home" and she knew it was her Daddy. She quickly found her shoes and told me "see Daddy." We played outside in the dark for a few minutes and Evie used the rake the kids next door left in our yard.

I made some shrimp pasta for dinner while Carl danced with Evie. It was so sweet to hear them giggling and dancing to Give me Just a Little More Time. We just love Evie so much and are enjoying this fun stage. They have all been fun but she is her own little person now with very defined ideas of what she wants to do. It's such a joy to be a part of seeing her grow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Operation Gratitude

Evie and I had a fun day together although it started bright and early this morning. By 10:00, I was ready to get out of the house with my sweet little one so we headed to Chick fil A for some lunch. We came home to eat and had fun sweeping the kitchen. Evie has her own little broom and thinks it is so fun to sweep the floors.

   We played outside a little and then headed to Operation Gratitude. Evie was not so sure about giving all the candy away and kept saying bye bye. She warmed up once all the other kids arrived. We made cards, packed boxes of Halloween candy, beanie babies and other assorted items for our courageous soldiers. They enjoy the treats and give it to the kids that they meet. I was thrilled to get rid of some of our excess Halloween candy! Evie loved making cards and using stickers. She ate a piece a cake, snagged a few candies and played with her friends. The Brentwood Journal came out to interview us and take our picture. I'll be sure to post the article when it prints. It was dark on the way home but it has been a gorgeous day.

   Carl was here when we got home and we all watched a cow show together. Evie is in love with her "shows" about cows and owls on You Tube. Hope your week is off to a great start!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a fun weekend and are really enjoying  being home for such a good stretch. It has been pretty cold around 30 degrees in the morning which caused us to skip our trip to the Farmer's Market. That's a little too cold for me to walk around picking out veggies and baked goods.

   We made a Home Depot run for some new plants and flowers. Evie had a ball being in her "cart" and gazing at the Christmas trees. After naptime, we went outside to plant everything. and then our neighbor came over with his son. I took Christian and Evie to play in the backyard. Christian was so excited when we walked in our garage. He said," Evie, I love your tractor." That just cracked me up hearing those words out of this little boys mouth. He told me that it was John Deere and he was just happy as a lark to sit on it in the garage. It had never even occured to Evie to sit on the tractor. Evie and Christian had so much fun playing together. Two other girls came over to play too so that was fun for Evie.

        Evie woke up late this morning but went down for her nap early. Let's hope the time change is easy for her. We are not expecting it to be a big deal since she is used to traveing between Eastern time and Central time but the sun is a lot different here this time of year. It was pitch black at 5:00.

     We took Evie to the zoo to see the owls. She was so happy to see all the animals and told them all "hi" while trying to kiss the cow. They have a large farmhouse which Evie refers to as a castle. She loved hanging out in the petting zoo and had fun brushing the baby animals. We took her to the Jungle Gym at the zoo for the first time and the swings were a hit. She loves the big girl swings but it makes me so nervous. Evie enjoyed watching the monkeys swing from the trees and kept yelling "whee whee" as they dangled from the branches.

      Evie is just so much fun right now! We are having the best time hanging out with her. She is talking up a storm and putting lots of two word sentences together. I was preparing her dinner while she watched the race with Carl. She ran into the kitchen with her baby and pulled me into the den while telling me " see show." Of course, I went with her even though racing is not my thing. Carl dressed her for bed and I rocked her for a really long time. I love that she lets me hold her and kiss her so much.