Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

It was one long weekend at the Niemeyer Nest! Carl went camping with his college friends and Evie was home with me. She has had a yucky cold for a few days with lots of colorful drainage. I am pretty sure she is getting better now so let's hope tomorrow will be a better day!

  We stayed home most of the weekend. Yesterday, late afternoon was really tough because Evie decided to skip a nap for the first time in her life. Great timing! We had to get out the house so we headed to Target and to get a cupcake. Evie was saying cupcake all the way home. That's an important word!

    Our neighbors invited us over for breakfast but we decided to stay put to be sure Evie did not infect anyone with her little cold. We have played with every toy in our house, read every book and attempted multiple projects to entertain the girl. Thank goodness, Daddy came home!


  1. sounds like lots of sicknesses are going around. Hope for a better day tomorrow!

  2. Hope Evie is on the road to recovery and that you find time for a break for yourself. Thanks for the kitchen tip...I'll be storing that away for the 2nd birthday!

  3. I'll skip my naptime for a cupcake any day! ;-) Hope Evie is feeling better and you and Carl stay well!

  4. Hope you survived your weekend! George decided to not take a nap for the first time when Brian went camping as well! They must have chatted about it! ;)


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