Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Anna

Evie has slept the day away. I feel like I barely saw her because she slept all day long. She has slept late since we returned from North Carolina but this morning she slept until 8:30. What a blessing! It was nice to have a chance to read the paper and drink my tea before starting the day with my busy bee.

    We quickly had some breakfast before heading out in the rain to see the Porter's. It was a yucky day but I told Evie that she was going to be so excited to see the baby. Evie was not so sure about everything when we first arrived. She was so clingy and whiny but settled down after a yummy lunch. Kristin always makes the best recipes. Evie is a HUGE fan of the toffee dip for the apples. Baby Anna is such a sweet girl. She sleeps in her bassinet and we barely even notice that she is there. Evie was never that easy but she's always been a sweet girl. Jacob loves his baby sister. We had a great morning with our friends and are so glad that Kristin and Anna are healthy.

    Evie napped all afternoon. I finally woke her up at 4;30 so she'd sleep tonight. We had a little snack and built a few castles. Carl came home to see us for a few minutes before his dinner meeting. Evie was so excited to see him and show him our neighbors lights. Evie LOVES all the Christmas lights and knows where the best houses are in the neighborhood. She says, "see lights" before we even get there.

   Evie started calling water by the correct name this afternoon. She has been calling it "wa wa" so it's so good to hear her calling it water. Of course, I knew she would not call it "wa wa" forever but it's amazing to see her changing literally before our eyes.

    Evie is still coughing a little so I decided to put the humidifier in her room. Let's just say that she was not impressed! Evie is very sensitive and likes things just the way she likes them. Evie noticed that big green frog in the corner of her room right away. I let her get used to it by letting her pet it, hug it and kiss it. It was good sign to see her getting Raffi to kiss the frog too. I figured it was fine but when I turned off the light, Evie was scared because of the light on the humidifier. She was not excited to get in her crib and wanted me to put her at the opposite end of the crib as far as possible from the frog. I came downstairs and noticed on the monitor that she was peering at her humidifier very closely through her crib. She settled down quickly and went to sleep so let's hope the humidifier works some magic for her tonight.  I did not take any pictures again today but will try harder tomorrow so the grandparents don't revolt.


  1. I laughed out loud over Evie peering at the humidifier! Hope she is on the mend.

  2. too funny that evie peered at the humidifier! i know the feeling of having a child that likes things "just so" ;)
    hope she feels better soon!


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