Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sous Chef

Evie really has the makings of a little cook. She made cinnamon toast for breakfast and she sprinkled the cinnamon perfectly. Her favorite part was putting the top off and on the cinnamon sugar. She kept going to the oven to check on her toast. It turned out so yummy.

   We went to Harris Teeter this morning and Evie was thrilled to see the car cart was available. She had a blast in the cart with the little red car on the bottom. It was our first time with that car but she has given lots of jealous looks to other kids in that same cart on many occasions. I prefer the carts where she rides high to drive since she swiped a few boxes of spaghetti since she happening to be sitting in prime position to grab items off the shelf. Other than that she focused on driving around the store.

   We had Kindermusik this morning which is always fun. Evie was so excited to see Baby Gregory there again this morning with his Big Sister.

   I spent nap time making the red sauce for the baked ziti for our meal swap. Tomorrow, I will make the white sauce and the cook the pasta. I love this recipe and sure hope everyone else does too. It's so exciting to think that tomorrow this time there will be 6 delicious homemade meals sitting in my freezer to use during this busy time of year.

   We met some friends at Gymboree for Open Gym this afternoon. Evie remembered just what to do and had a great time. She made friends with a little guy named Ben and really liked his socks because they looked like shoes.

  Carl has been in Denver and is on the way back right now! Evie and I decided to stop at Publix for a sub on the way home. Head to Publix and get there special turkey bacon sub with cranberry relish. It is amazing even Evie concurs.

   Evie helped me make some pumpkin dip after dinner for her teachers at school. You should have seen her face when she sampled the whipped topping.  We are so thankful for Ms. Lori and Ms. Linda for taking such good care of our Evie and giving her lots of cuddles! Teachers are so important and I want to make sure they know we appreciate them so much.  Evie and I sampled the dip with a few graham crackers and it is so tasty.

   We had such a great day together. I just love this age and think it's so wonderful. Everyday I say it but it's so true - Evie is so much fun!


  1. Evie can make me toast any day! We won't be in Gastonia for Thanksgiving this year. It's our year to be with Phillip's parents in the mountains. Allison and Lee are taking Lindsey to Atlanta to do Thanksgiving with my grandparents. Where all ya'll spending the holiday?

  2. Teachers ARE so important, and now I feel like a total slacker for not doing something super nice for Molly's teachers! :)


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