Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pretty Paint!

Evie was so excited to get to MMO this morning! She was running down the sidewalk shouting school to everyone that crossed her path. Her demeanor changed once she crossed the threshold into the classroom. I walked down the hall and then circled back to check on her. Of course, she was perfectly fine sitting on Ms. Lori's lap reading a book.

    I ran a few errands including a trip to the mall. It made me a little teary to see the other little girls with their mommies and I was so excited to pick up my sweet Evie at noon.

   We came home for lunch and she crashed again with no thought to the loudness in the house. Our painters finished today and both rooms look so much better. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. Carl was not so sure about having painters come in for my birthday because he wanted to give me something that I could unwrap. Painting is way better because I can enjoy it every day! Our bedroom went from bright blue to a calming shade of tan. Our guest bedroom went from lighter blue but still bright to a soft green. I LOVE it!!!

     Carl came early this afternoon which was the best surprise. Evie was so excited to see her Daddy. They hung out together while I did a few things around the house. Too bad we both cannot stay at home. He delivered the dinner to my friend who just had a baby girl and picked up some pictures at the store. I forgot to tell him about Evie's fascination with shopping carts so they had a small mishap. OOPS! Evie had a tantrum for her cart. She is such a funny girl!

     We enjoyed the other half of the baked ziti and Evie loved eating her "pasta" and ate lots of salad too. Dinner was early tonight so we still had lots of playtime. Carl put up the pack and play without noticing that Evie's baby was napping in there. Oh dear, we had a very worried mommy on our hands, "my baby" was her frantic refrain until the baby was rescued from the depths of the pack and play. Little girls sure keep it interesting!

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  1. Ahhh, I love it! I cannot believe how much she seems to love her baby dolls. What a sweet girl. :)


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