Monday, November 22, 2010

Sick Girl

Poor Evie is still feeling under the weather. Her nose is running like crazy. It's running so much that she has learned how to blow her own nose. She loves Kleenex and thinks it's so fun to have her own little pack of tissue.

   We stayed at home most of the day but went out to get a smoothie after naptime. Evie has not been easting at all so I decided that would be an easy way to get some nutrients in her little body. She looked like such a big girl carrying her own little cup out of the store. Evie sucked that smoothie down in just a few minutes.

    We went into CVS quickly to get a few supplies to help Evie. The pharmacist gave me a few suggestions so let's hope she will feel better in the morning. Evie was so interested in the Dr. Scholl's foot machine. One of the customers was using the machine which made Evie decide to try it out herself. She asked me to get out of the cart and took off her shoes to get on the machine. It was so funny to see her trying to figure out her foot problems.

    It was warm today so we played outside for a few minutes and a window salesman came by our house. I listened to his pitch and Evie made friends with him quite quickly. He told me that he has been selling windows longer than I have been alive.

      We had delicious Seinfeld chili courtesy of our meal swap. It was so yummy and Evie enjoyed dipping her chips. Carl got home a little later than normal so we had already finished dinner. We played in the den with Evie for a bit and then he put her to bed. Nothing too exciting but we had a good day!

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  1. Poor Evie! It's never fun when your baby is sick! I hope she is feeling better today!


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