Monday, November 15, 2010


Saturday was such a wonderful day! I went to visit the Porter's new baby, Anna. Carl stayed with Evie because she loves babies a little too much. Anna was gorgeous and sweet. She did not make a peep the entire time that I was there. Jacob is a wonderful big brother! It was so nice to visit with Kristin and see her up and about after months on bed rest.

  Carl and Evie were ready to see me when I got home. We had a little picnic outside to enjoy the gorgeous day. It was perfect! Evie remembered to take her highchair outside but we told her she could sit in the big girl chairs. She thought that was so special. We took a little rest in the hammock after lunch and it was so fun hanging out with our Evie.

  After nap time, we went to Green Hills to get Carl some new pants for work. He does not really like shopping at all but he really needed some new pants. I love seeing all the decorations and Evie had fun too until towards the end. Our last stop was Pottery Barn Kids and she had so much fun playing with the kitchen sets, vacuum cleaners and hanging out in all the chairs that she just did not want to get back in the stroller. A few minutes of fussiness and a box of tic tacs and she was fine. It was pretty late by this point and we were ready for some dinner. We decided to stop at Five Guys. Evie was not impressed with her grilled cheese but LOVED my cheeseburger. She also really liked the complimentary peanuts and enjoyed a tangy lemon. Evie loves lemons! We came home and played with Evie for a bit before she went off to bed. We ordered a kitchen set and a little chair for Evie for Christmas. I am so excited about her pretty pink kitchen and hope she likes it as much as I do. Carl was not so sure about it being pink. However, since it will be in her room, pink made the most sense.

    Evie woke up at 5:45. AHHHH. Thank goodness, after a quick cuddle she went back to sleep until 9. Alleluia! We all needed the rest. I spent most of the day on the couch with some type of 24 hour bug. I am feeling much better today and am glad that Carl was home yesterday to take care of Miss Evie.

  Evie had an impromtu bubble bath this morning because it was just the easiest way to clean her up. She had so much fun and has been asking for bubbles ever since she got out of the tub. Evie and I met our MOM's Club at Brilliant Sky Toys and Books this morning. We were really impressed. They offer free story time and messy art projects for groups in all stores and our store offers this to the public every Friday as well. Evie was so excited to see her friends and had a grand time playing with all the toys. She really likes Brilliant Sky!

  Nap time is still happening so I need to go get busy. It's Mom's Night Out tonight and I cannot wait. Happy Monday!


  1. I can't believe how quickly Evie is growing! You are so blessed. She is PRECIOUS! Enjoy those sweet sweet snuggles.

    The children receive 3 gifts and stuff in their stockings. We don't really differentiate between Santa gifts and gifts from us. I tell them we have to help Santa pay. ONce they don't believe in Santa, we will tell the truth. We try not to play up sAnta too much b/c we want them to remember Baby Jesus as the reason for celebrating. It's tough to know what to do. Some of our friends do not do Santa at all.

  2. So excited to see Evie's kitchen! If it's the Pottery Barn one it is just precious. I want to get Avery a chair too and am hoping my mother-in-law will get it. She keeps mentioning bean bag, but I'm not a big fan. Not sure that Avery will do much sitting on either though! Hope you are back to 100% soon!


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