Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Give Me Just a Little More Time!

Evie woke up bright and early again this morning. We got her out of the crib at 6:30 and she was so excited to greet the day. Waking up that early makes the morning seem really long.

We had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast of waffles and tea with a few minutes of Curious George. Evie drinks her tea but it is orange with Vitamin C. She wants to be just like us!

We met some friends for coffee at the Frisky Berry. Evie and I had not been there for awhile and it's a lot harder to take our kiddos now that they are mobile. We were running all over the place after our kiddos. Evie and I stopped at the bathroom on the way out and she immediately noticed some really cool shoes peeking out of the stall next to us. Evie announces in a VERY loud voice, " she potty." Thank goodness, the lady did not seem to notice.

We came home to enjoy the beautiful weather. Evie put Raffi on the roller coaster and kept checking on him to make sure he was okay. It was so cute to see her being a mother to her lovey. She is so nurturing even to pink spotted giraffes.

Evie ate lunch and played with her babies before nap time. She must have been exhausted because she slept until after 4. I enjoyed watching a few minutes of Oprah's interview with George Bush. History has a way of showing our presidents in a different light and I found him quite personable.

Carl called to tell me that he was on the way home. I said to Evie,"guess who is on the way home" and she knew it was her Daddy. She quickly found her shoes and told me "see Daddy." We played outside in the dark for a few minutes and Evie used the rake the kids next door left in our yard.

I made some shrimp pasta for dinner while Carl danced with Evie. It was so sweet to hear them giggling and dancing to Give me Just a Little More Time. We just love Evie so much and are enjoying this fun stage. They have all been fun but she is her own little person now with very defined ideas of what she wants to do. It's such a joy to be a part of seeing her grow.

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