Friday, November 5, 2010

Cinnamon Buns and Coffee

Evie and I hosted a play date this morning with our new neighbors and a few friends. Evie loved having all of her friends over and welcomed them all into the house. She is so funny with her friends. Evie kept trying to take off Campbell's long all which was pretty funny. Buttons are one of her favorites and she became fascinated with removing them. Campbell did not seem to mind one bit! Evie cannot wear snaps anymore because she unsnaps herself constantly which means that I am snapping her back constantly. Evie needed a diaper change so I brought her upstairs and we kept hearing Christian say her name over and over from the bottom of the stairs. It was so cute so she started saying "eh e" which is what she calls herself. She cannot pronounce the letter V yet. We had such a fun morning and it was so nice to drink hot coffee and catch up with everybody.

   We stayed home all afternoon too. It was a dreary day which is only a prelude of the winter yet to come. High was 44 and that seemed pretty cold without our friend Mr. Sunshine to warm up the skies.

      Carl came home and we headed out to pick up a pizza for dinner. It's time to enjoy the weekend!

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