Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Soggy Day!

Evie slept until 8:30 this morning which was so nice! I think she would have slept longer but the painters showed up with all of their gear. She was in such a good mood and so happy to see me. We shared some cheerios for breakfast and played with her baby. Conductor Jack was playing at Whole Foods so we went to check it out. We scored a front row seat and Evie was thrilled to be there. She looked so cute grooving to the music and even made it onto their website. I love seeing her follow directions. It was such a fun morning and it makes me so happy that these of things are totally in my job description! I just love hanging out with my sweet girl every day.

    Kindermusik was our next stop and Evie was excited to see everyone. She finally recognizes the other kids and the teacher. Evie was so happy to get a hula hoop to play with for one of the songs. We had a fun music class together. Evie marches to the beat of her own drummer. Ms. Jan asked us to rock our babies. Evie usually lets me rock her like a little baby or she will hold onto my bag to rock. Well, she wanted to dangle by her feet and for me to swing her. She started a trend in class this morning. All the other kids wanted to rock like Evie.  I am noticing that Evie is more aware of what kids are doing around her now and she wants to be like them. Abby had shoes on yesterday so Evie needed shoes even though we stayed inside.

   We came home for lunch and some playtime with the baby dolls. She checked their diapers and told me that "she poo poo'd" about three hundred times but it's just so cute to hear her sweet little voice. We put diapers on the babies and put them down for a nap. Evie went right to sleep while the painters were at lunch.

      I was totally shocked but she slept for more than 2 hours with hammers, laughing, loud music and banging doors. She must have been super exhausted.

   Evie and I played downstairs to stay out the way. We did a little art project, played with her bean bin, read books, watched Clifford and blew bubbles. You may have noticed that Evie still needs to work on her spatial sense since she tried to climb aboard her train for a little ride. Imagine her surprise when we she did not go anywhere.

We took a little trip to Costco late this afternoon to grab a few things. Evie loved the double cart and carefully buckled her baby into the seat. She gets so excited when she sees the carts but does not like when it's time to put the cart back. It's pretty funny to see her so mad about a shopping cart.

    Evie and I had fun eating dinner. She is really into dipping and had fun eating guacamole and taco soup on her chips. Licking the stuff off is her favorite part then she gives back the chip.

    Evie is so girly but she still has a tape measure in her pocketbook and cuddles with her John Deere tractor at story time. It's fun to imagine her as a big girl but I just love this age right now. Too bad I cannot freeze her just the way she is so lovable, sassy and full of energy!

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