Friday, November 12, 2010

Playdate and Lunch Date with Daddy

What a gorgeous November day! Evie and I had Devin come over this morning while his mom went to a parade at her daughter's school. Devin and Evie see other multiple times per week and it's been a long road to get them to be friends. You should see the looks they give each other - it's hysterical. They have decided that they like each other after some one on one time this morning. Evie was very worried about Devin's water bottle and kept chasing him around trying to give it to him. She also kissed him right on the lips. Oh dear! Evie is going to be a handful! We had fun playing this morning and it's easier for have two toddlers than one because they entertain each other.

  Evie and I went for a walk this morning, visited a neighborhood garage sale and played outside. Our weather has just been amazing and I know that I need to enjoy it while it's so beautiful.

   We met Carl for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Evie was just thrilled to see her Daddy in the middle of the day. She snuggled with him while we waited for our table and sat next to him in the booth. Evie loves salsa but was surprised to find a hot spot in our bowl. Poor little thing needed something to drink. She did not want milk at all so she had her first sprite. She's had a sip or two before but she was beside herself to have her very own cup. It was pretty cute and I was happy to see her drink her cup of milk on the way home.

     What an afternoon . . . maybe it was that sprite but she was a wild monkey. That's just her personality though. We played outside and did a few things inside. She helped me a lot with the laundry by taking each of her pieces of clothing to her crib.

    Evie and I were both so happy to see Carl walk in the door. It's been a day and I am worn out from my sweet girl.

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