Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Day

Evie and I had such a fun day! We spent the morning at home preparing lunch and doing some work around the house. Carl came home for lunch which thrilled Evie! Maura came over for lunch with her three girls. I am so impressed that she was able to get all the way here with her girls. We had such a good lunch. I made some enchilada's.Evie and Abby sat at the little table like big girls and ate their lunch. They must have been hungry because they devoured their food. Tori and Syndey have grown so much. It was so fun to see them again. I loved holding those sweet babies but it's a lot of work to have a baby much less two babies. Maura makes it look so easy! Evie is VERY interested in the babies and wants to check them out very closely. Maura said she has to keep a close eye on Abby to keep her from poking the babies in the eyes. Evie was pretty interested in their eyes too. She was so kind to share her sippy cup, tortilla chip and baby doll with the girls. Oh goodness, Evie loves babies a little too much. Maura brought delicious Gigi Cupcakes. Evie and I split a Texas Milk Chocolate. YUMMY. Evie and Abby played babydolls and took turns strapping their babies in highchair and infant carriers. They play so well together! We had such a fun afternoon!

     Evie went down for a late nap and I had to wake her up at 5:00. That's a really late nap at our house and it was time for dinner. Our MOMS group has started a spinoff group called the HOOT group - Husbands Out of Town and HOWL - Husbands Working Late. We plan to get together for dinner during the week when our husbands are not available for family dinner.  Blue Coast Burrito was our destination tonight. It was Kid's Night so Evie ate for $1.99. She sat in a big girl chair next to her friend Paige. We had a great time although it was a bit chaotic. That's just the way it is eating with kids!

     We stopped by the library on the way home to cast our vote. It's important to vote even though the gubernatorial race was a landslide in Tennessee. Evie likes voting although the lady told Evie that she could not touch the screen. I am pretty sure Evie could have done a pretty accurate job voting since it was a short ballot with very few candidates.

        I kept Evie up late tonight since she slept so late this afternoon. Maybe she will sleep in tomorrow morning. Evie and I had such a good day together. She is so fun and full of energy. Everything is new and exciting to her. She can find the fun in the most ordinary objects such as pedestal sinks that she uses as an impromptu set of monkey bars.


  1. Libbi loves babies, too! We are working on being "gentle" because she loves them just a little too much! haha
    Evie will love the pottery barn chair - libbi is obsessed with hers! we are getting her a kitchen too, and i'm considering one of those activity centers for her baby that comes with a pack-n-play, stroller, changing table, etc.....

  2. That's a fun idea for the "single" parents!

    I'm trying so hard to convince Molly that she wants to play with baby dolls. :)


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